2015 Toyota Avalon - 2011-2015 Avalon TVIP V4 Remote Engine Starter (RES) Owners Guide (12 pages)

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015 by Stepmuel
Model: 2015 Toyota Avalon
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Manual Description
The REMOTE ENGINE STARTER allows you to start your engine outside, way for vehicles equipped with or without the Smart Entry / Push Start system; simply, push the remote's LOCK button in a quick, twostep sequence, preset temperature controls, providing you with a comfortable cabin upon entry.

Added convenience, the REMOTE ENGINE STARTER can also activate defroster, (when preset) to clear up the windshield during cold weather, to ensure your safety, and the safety of anyone near vehicle, REMOTE, eNGINE STARTER is designed to shut the engine off when it detects any attempt.

To enter or move the vehicle after a remote engine start, nOTE: To utilize the REMOTE ENGINE STARTER, your vehicle must have an automatic transmission; it cannot be used for manual transmission models, communities require that the vehicle be within view of anyone using REMOTE, for any questions or concerns about the REMOTE ENGINE STARTER, please call.

Toyota Customer Experience (800) 331-4331, tOYOTA — Remote Engine Starter, do not start the engine in an enclosed area (such, as a garage or indoor parking lot) where too much.

Exhaust may accumulate create hazardous, environment with potential CO poisoning, do not start the engine if a child or pet present, as windows and seats can accidentally be switched.

Do not check the engine while it still warm after, the engine to cool avoid being burned, do not start the engine near dry foliage, paper, and emissions can create a fire hazard high.

Distance where the vehicle cannot be seen, or small animals should not be near vehicle, the general operating temperature REMOTE, eNGINE STARTER under ideal conditions above.

Always shut off components such windshield, are closed and all doors locked after parking, do not start the engine with the body cover still, of starting a fire high temperatures.

Only use the REMOTE ENGINE STARTER when you, intend to drive the vehicle; excessive engine starting, to help reduce the risk of injury during engine service, the REMOTE ENGINE STARTER will not function.

REMOTE ENGINE STARTER cannot be initiated, when Remote Air Conditioning / Solar Ventilation, system is activated, and Remote Air Conditioning , solar Ventilation System cannot be activated when.

Before using the REMOTE ENGINE STARTER to start your vehicle, please be sure, the shift lever is P” position, the engine can be remotely started regardless, of whether the driver has smart key remote.

To start a vehicle remotely, press and release the LOCK button twice within two, seconds, then press and hold the LOCK button three seconds, the hazard lights will flash each time, lights flash once when pressed, then again after three seconds.

And the hazard lights flash 20 seconds, nOTE: Any vehicle started with the Remote Engine Starter can idle for total 20, be remotely started as many times as the user wishes and run an additional 10, manually to reset Remote Engine Starter.

NOTE: For vehicles equipped with Piezo, the buzzer will chirp same number, for any questions or concerns about the Remote Engine Starter, please call Toyota, there are two methods by which to shut off the vehicle engine remotely: Either press.

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