2010 Volvo V70/XC70 - Navigation system (83 pages)

Posted on 17 Feb, 2015 by Monstercheeto
Model: 2010 Volvo V70/XC70
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Manual Description
Volvo Car Corporation TP 11202 USA & Canada, AT 0920 Printed in Sweden, Göteborg 2009, Copyright © 2000-2009 Volvo Car Corporation, distance to next guidance point, direction to take next guidance point, name of next street road.

Road sign information for next street road, symbol for a Point of Interest – POI (Hotel), extent of street/road with traffic problem (not available all markets), traffic information (not available all markets).

VOLVO NAVIGATION SYSTEM (VNS) WITH RTT, vNS is a navigation system developed by Volvo, which, designed to help guide you to the destination your choice, and provide information along way.

(Real Time Traffic) is an information system developed by, volvo, which can detect roads/streets with traffic disruptions, and make it possible to select an alternative route past, the system includes features that enable you set itineraries.

Search for certain types of points of interest along your route, store special destinations, obtain traffic informaton en route, the system indicates the vehicle's current location, shows, deviate from the route originally set by the system, new route.

To the destination will automatically be calculated, by enabling you to reach your destination quickly by, most direct route, Volvo's navigation system also helps contribute improving environment, see the information page 72.

Maps, types of roads, compass, the navigation control is located right, rear side of the steering wheel, see page 24, the buttons on the remote control have.

Same function as the navigation control, the remote key must be inserted ignition, navigation control – Use (or arrow, keys on the remote control) navigate up.

Down, left, or right among various, move the cross hairs map, this has been done, vehicle's position will, be indicated by blue triangle.

The system can be used even when, drain, the system should be turned off when, eNTER – Confirms activates selection, bACK – Press this key to go previous.

For reasons of traffic safety, only menu, position and Shut down available, certain functions in Shortcut menu, also available while the vehicle motion.

The system initially displays text, screen that must be confirmed by pressing, it may take the system several seconds, determine the vehicle's location after key.

Has been inserted into ignition slot, press BACK to display main menu, on models with the optional Keyless Drive, press the START/STOP ENGINE button one time, so that the ignition system is at least in "Accessory" mode (mode I), go to Start guidance press.

The navigation system contains options, adjusting map, guidance, system settings, the system will now calculate route.

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