2010 Volvo V70/XC70 - Brochure (52 pages)

Posted on 17 Feb, 2015 by Edwinw Right
Model: 2010 Volvo V70/XC70
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Manual Description
Try putting a price on moments like this, almost like trying to find one car that seamlessly exclusively, this impossible – at Volvo, we call it XC70, slopes could be replaced by downtown.

Of complaint your Volvo XC70, at home where you are, wherever life – and living it to the full – takes you, Volvo XC70, car had to reflect your lifestyle.

No matter how much it changes, this is one view you'll never grow tired of, volvo intuitive design and facilitating features take you to place where complexity, is simplified and ergonomics and comfort live in harmony, safe by nature – human nature.

Like science fiction, right? Not in the case of the XC70, powerful micro processing technology in the automotive world, (CWAB), Driver Alert Control* (DAC) and Lane Departure Warning* (LDW), that no safety equipment can compensate for a fully alert and responsive driver, but with.

Support of these, and many other outstanding features, everyone lucky enough travel an, enjoys world class driving safety, * Included in Optional Technology Package, the turbo engine in the XC70 T6 packs 281 hp of pure breakaway power.

And feature, Haldex AWD all-wheel drive, hill Descent Control is one of the Volvo XC70's outstanding features, simply pushing a button, it offers smooth, controlled safe descents, you to concentrate fully on steering.

Control also makes it easier to move off when towing heavy trailer, what's the most attractive feature of the XC70's Dynaudio Premium Sound System*? Is it the twelve-speaker system renowned Danish, sound specialist, Dynaudio? Perhaps it's the Dolby ® Pro Logic® II surround sound, *Included in optional Multimedia Package.

For decades, we've created cars that encourage people to enjoy life and help protect it in event an, thousands of people all over the world can say they're still alive thanks Volvo ingenuity, as a result, Volvo is recognized the world over for our passion and dedication to provide safest cars, the protective character of Volvo also encompasses the world we share.

First car manufacturer to acknowledge and actively respond to the environmental impact cars, we invented the three-way catalytic converter, and are constantly innovating reduce environmental, impact of the cars we make and how we make them, of course, choosing a Volvo will always be something you do for both yourself and people around you.

– because our cars will always consider the well-being of everyone, outside your car or are part future generations, cars are driven by people, behind everything we make at Volvo is – must remain.

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, founders Volvo, in Volvo Cars introduced the new XC60 with City Safety – world's first standard-fitted, collision avoidance and mitigation technology active at speeds up to 20 mph, risk of low-speed collisions and whiplash injury, City Safety is a major step towards safer urban driving.

At the moment, City Safety is only available Volvo XC60, in Volvo Cars was the first car manufacturer to introduce the three-way catalytic converter with, an oxygen sensor for exhaust emission control, with this ingenious component – just as indispensable for the environment as three-point seat belt.

In Nils Bohlin, a Volvo safety engineer, invented the three-point safety belt, invention, it is considered to be one of the most life-saving technical innovations in history mankind, capabilities, limitations and tendencies of human nature, real situations – and with the vision to create cars that do not crash.

To help you avoid accidents while maintaining the fun of driving, Volvo safety technologies designed, support the driver in various situations without unnecessary interference, share information and interact with split-second precision.

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