2010 Volvo V70/XC70 - Brochure (52 pages)

Posted on 17 Feb, 2015 by Jholt
Model: 2010 Volvo V70/XC70
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Manual Description
Proof that generosity never goes out style, state of the art technology once only found among clouds now, radar* and video technology* that monitors the vehicles driving up ahead, if you are ever distracted or tired, the system's ability identify your lane.

– and any stationary vehicles in your lane – can help you reach your, * Included in optional Technology Package, a closer look inside your Volvo V70 will reveal some impressive on-board, intelligence (in addition to yours, of course).

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)* can automatically maintain safe, distance from the car in front of you, brake (CWAB)* for highway driving can warn you you're too close, to the vehicle in front of you and can – if a collision can't be avoided.

– activate the brakes to help reduce the effects of a crash, when it's easy to lose concentration, Driver Alert Control (DAC)* can, remind you if you're getting tired, car's position on the road, Lane Departure Warning (LDW)* will alert.

There is a feeling of safety that comes with ability accelerate, geartronic transmission, is engineered to make that feeling last, it's not all about you, but we'll make an exception here.

Drive the Volvo V70 and center stage is yours, fussy – just clean, Scandinavian design that manages reduce stress, the floating center console presents intuitive controls infotainment, and climate systems within easy reach.

Steering column will help you find your perfect driving position quickly, of ergonomic excellence – Volvo hallmark, the elegant simplicity modern Scandinavian design, is well represented throughout the deluxe cabin cargo.

Passengers, more storage for personal effects, more cargo, space for cargo, and more of what we're known, two-stage child booster-seats combination with belt, load limiters extended Inflatable Curtains.

This is one wagon that can also carry tune, volvo's modern sound systems are among the best in the world – especially Dynaudio Premium Sound, system* with Dolby ® Pro Logic ® II Surround and twelve spectacular loudspeakers from the Danish studiomonitor specialist, Dynaudio, and sophisticated sound processing calibrated especially for the interior of the Volvo V70.

That every passenger enjoys a well-balanced stereo presence regardless of seating position – remarkable, achievement considering most passengers don't sit middle, * Included in optional Multimedia Package, yes, you can have it all.

There's plenty of room for provisions of most any sort dimension, an optional power tailgate* makes opening closing effortless, there are many loading and towing accessories available help you, manage the awkward bundle or boat – with style.

Luxury car, but with service entrance, * Included in optional Convenience Package, this is what happens when you add special equipment, if sheer, undiluted driving pleasure could be displayed on an instrument panel, where would you set your red line.

With R- DESIGN , your Volvo V70 is dynamically transformed – inside and out – to something beyond expected, the exclusive R-DESIGN elements boldly provoke the senses and reflect an unmistakable passion sport, r-DESIGN grill badge, to the 3, silk metal finished front grille, foglight.

Surrounds and side mirror caps add, gives the R- DESIGN no-nonsense, adjusted and tuned to be firmer more.

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