2012 Volvo S80 - Brochure (60 pages)

Posted on 17 Feb, 2015 by Muitosabao
Model: 2012 Volvo S80
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Manual Description
There's more here than luxury car, the dedication to achievement luxury, freedom and the comfort security, love of beauty and the beauty love.

The pursuit of distinction then there's, confidence of driving something other than, reward yourself with perfect balance, as driver, the refined Volvo S80 embodies.

The essence of Scandinavian design – form, variants, the Volvo S80 offers fluid performance, immediate response throughout the entire rev range, source of power, the 300 hp T6, combines enormous capacity with superior.

Profile shifting that optimizes performance economy, well-mannered efficiency, this power plant brings 240 hp 236 ft, of assertive torque to the party, hyper-efficient fuel management systems) each available Volvo engine.

Maximizes performance in smartest way possible, experience sophistication and refinement where it matters most: road, here, the advanced chassis displays impeccable manners, torsion-rigidity, a wide stance and a long wheelbase, the Volvo S80 chassis.

A faithful interpreter of road and driver, any tendency to understeer while the McPherson front suspension struts, and performance that's standard in the Volvo S80, lowered sports chassis, with it you'll experience an enhanced response and sure, connected feeling.

Always expect the unexpected – nowhere more evident, avoidance system City Safety comes as standard your Volvo, utilizing laser technology and active up to 19 mph, this highprecision system keeps a lookout on the road 19-26 feet ahead, if a vehicle suddenly brakes in front of you collision.

Imminent, City Safety will intervene brake automatically, help avoid or mitigate a collision, city traffic – for you, your passengers, your insurance company, – which perhaps explains why you'll find it Volvo.

This Volvo is intelligence at work, contains advanced technology to help you deal with traffic best, radar and digital camera technology interacts with on-board, intelligence (including your own, of course) constantly monitor.

Vehicles and pedestrians ahead, to help you keep safe distance, from other vehicles and to alert you if you distracted, unintentionally weave out of your lane, you can enjoy smooth cruising at all speeds – whether travelling.

In stop-and-go city traffic or crossing continents, is at risk the technology will warn you and – you don't react, – apply full braking force to help prevent collision, this additional intelligence turns any journey commute into an.

* Included in optional Technology package, drive a Volvo and you'll experience insightful control, technology acts to redefine the pleasure of driving even predict, full Auto Brake* is a Volvo world first that constantly scans road.

Display warning will flash and an alarm will sound while brakes, to the warning, full auto braking will be deployed help keep, your support and another foresighted innovation by Volvo, the perfect pace any speed.

Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist* goes beyond ordinary, cruise control by automatically helping you maintain safe, camera technology, the ACC detects slower moving vehicles.

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