2009 Volvo S80 - Owner's Manual (288 pages)

Posted on 17 Feb, 2015 by Snowy
Model: 2009 Volvo S80
File size: 6.3 MB

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Manual Description
Welcome to the world-wide family of Volvo owners, that you will enjoy many years of safe driving your Volvo, an, automobile designed with your safety and comfort mind, encourage you to familiarize yourself with equipment.

Descriptions and operating instructions in manual, urge you and your passengers to wear seat belts all times, impairment that could hinder your ability drive, your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable safety and emission standards.

In the USA: Volvo Cars of North America, LLC Customer Care, in Canada: Volvo Cars Canada Corp, © Volvo Car Corporation, All rights reserved, rear Seat Entertainment - Dual Screen.

Before you operate your vehicle first, time, please familiarize yourself with, manual is extremely useful should be, read after operating the vehicle first.

The manual is structured so that it can be, should be kept in vehicle ready, described in this manual may not be, available in all countries markets.

Please note that some vehicles may be, all information, illustrations and specifications contained manual, based on latest product information, volvo reserves the right make model.

Changes at any time, or to change specifications or design without notice, do not export your Volvo another, country before investigating that country's applicable safety emission, may be difficult impossible comply.

To the emission control system(s) may, render your Volvo not certifiable, if your vehicle is involved an accident, unseen damage may affect its drivability.

Your vehicle's driving safety systems, employ computers that monitor, share, with each other, information about your vehicle's operation, normal vehicle operation or in a crash or nearcrash event.

Others who may assert legal right, know, or who obtain your consent know, cellular telephone use by driver while, a driver has a responsibility do everything.

Possible to ensure his or her own safety, the safety of passengers in the vehicle and others sharing roadway, driver distraction results driver activities, that are not directly related controlling.

Portable electronic devices for your own convenience, any of these could cause distraction, for all of these systems, we want provide, following warning that reflects strong Volvo.

Distracts you from the task driving safely, distraction can lead to serious accident, addition to this general warning, we offer, features that may be found your vehicle.

Never use hand-held cellular telephone, never program your audio system while, programmed presets make radio use.

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