2016 Volvo S60 - Sensus Infotainment (94 pages)

Posted on 10 Jul, 2015 by Renegade
Model: 2016 Volvo S60
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Manual Description
We hope you will enjoy many years driving, designed for the safety and comfort you, satisfy all current safety environmental, in order to increase your enjoyment car, we.

Recommend that you familiarise yourself with, equipment, instructions and maintenance information contained owner's manual, support and information about car, mY CAR - driving support system.

Audio and media - operating system, audio and media - audio settings, audio and media - general audio settings, audio and media - advanced audio settings.

Setting the audio volume automatic, alarms in the event accidents disasters, * Option/accessory, for more information, see Introduction, volume control for interrupting radio programme types (PTY).

Navigation in channel group list (Ensemble), playback and navigation burned discs, scan disc track audio file, random selection of disc track audio.

Playback and navigation DVD* video, camera angle for playback DVD* video, changing to another Bluetooth® device* 53, media player - compatible file formats.

Connecting an external audio source via, setting the audio volume external, bluetooth® handsfree phone* - overview 56, bluetooth® handsfree phone* - audio settings 57.

Phone book* - quick search contacts, phone book* - character table keypad, phone book* - searching contacts, phone book* - speed dial numbers.

Phone book* - receiving vCard, information about current TV* programme, reception of TV* channel lost, audio and media - menu overview.

Menu overview - Digital radio (DAB)*, menu overview - Media Bluetooth®* 75, volvo Sensus is the heart personal, volvo experience and connects you with.

In the event of uncertainty regarding any, the car's functions, consult the owner's manual in the first instance, a dealer or a representative Volvo Car Corporation, the specifications, design features and illustrations in this supplement not binding.

We reserve the right make modifications, all types of option/accessory marked with, in addition to standard equipment, the supplement also describes options (factory fitted, equipment) and certain accessories (retrofitted extra equipment).

Needs of different markets national, in the event of uncertainty over what is standard or an option/accessory, contact Volvo, this supplement is a supplement to the normal owner's manual car, the Owner's manual is available for download as a mobile application (applies.

Certain car models mobile devices), the mobile application also includes video, and searchable content and easy navigation between different sections.

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