2013 Volkswagen Touareg - Seat functions (5 pages)

Posted on 6 Feb, 2015 by Asendra
Model: 2013 Volkswagen Touareg
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In this section you'll find information about, assigning memory seat settings to the remote control vehicle keys, improper use of seat adjustment controls can cause severe personal injuries, always sit properly at all times before starting to drive and while vehicle moving.

Make sure all passengers, especially children, are properly seated whenever vehicle, keep hands, fingers, feet and other body parts away from moving parts adjustment,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, when the ignition is switched on, the seat can be electrically heated by heating elements that warm.

If the outside temperature or the temperature inside the passenger compartment is 77 °F (25 °C), the seat heating on the passenger side is switched off every time the ignition switched off, seat heating must be switched on again each time the ignition switched on, on the driver side the seat heating will resume at the setting that was set when ignition was.

Or, for vehicles with Keyless Access, the doors are not opened or the vehicle not locked, people suffering from a low level of perceived pain or a lowered awareness pain, medication, paralysis, or chronic illness (e, the use of seat heating by persons with these conditions could result in burns back, buttocks.

And legs that may take a long time to heal and may never heal completely, conditions, you should take regular breaks and get out of the vehicle, particularly long trips, your doctor for advice regarding your specific condition, certain medical conditions, such as paralysis and diabetes, certain medications can.

Increase the risk of serious burns when the seat heating feature switched on, vehicle occupants who have a low level of perceived pain or a lowered awareness pain, can receive serious burns to the back, buttocks, and legs that take a long time heal may, never use the seat heating feature if you or your passengers are at risk being burned.

Never let exposed skin remain in contact with the seat upholstery when seat heating, always make sure the seats are dry before using seat heating, never put damp or wet things including clothes seat, to help prevent damage to electrical and other parts in the seat, do not kneel front.

Seats or apply concentrated pressure to a small area of seat backrest, liquids, sharp objects and things that do not let the heat in the seat escape into air, including, for example, a child restraint, a blanket or seat covers on the seat can damage seat, volkswagen dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

Never install leather upholstery on a vehicle with seat heating that originally had cloth, upholstery is replaced with leather upholstery, switch off seat heating when it is not needed to help reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, personal settings for the front seats, steering wheel position (if electrically adjustable), outside.

Mirrors can be assigned to the memory buttons in the front vehicle doors and every remote control, personal settings for the front passenger seat can be assigned to the memory buttons front, settings can only be stored when the electronic parking brake is engaged and transmission, depending on the vehicle equipment level a vehicle can be equipped with driver seat driver.

Front passenger seat with memory functions, storing driver seat settings to the driver door memory buttons, sit on the driver seat and adjust it desired position, press the SET button until the LED lights up (arrow).

Within about 10 seconds press the desired memory button 1, 2 or 3⇒ fig, extinguish and a chime signal will confirm memory storage, storing front passenger seat settings to the front passenger door memory buttons, shift the transmission into Neutral (N).

Sit on the front passenger seat and adjust it desired position, within about 10 seconds press the desired memory button 1, 2 or 3 The LED will go out, chime sounds to confirm that settings have been, storing the passenger side outside mirror setting backing up.

Briefly press the desired memory button 1, 2 or 3 driver door, shift the transmission into Reverse (R), adjust the passenger outside mirror, to provide good visibility of curb example.

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