2013 Volkswagen Touareg - Rear hatch (6 pages)

Posted on 6 Feb, 2015 by KeegdnaB
Model: 2013 Volkswagen Touareg
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, accidents and severe personal injuries can result if you unlock, open, or close rear hatch, only open or close the rear hatch if no one way, after closing the rear hatch, always make sure that it is properly closed locked so that.

It cannot open suddenly when the vehicle is moving, with the surrounding auto body parts, always keep the rear hatch closed while driving to help keep poisonous exhaust gas, never open the rear hatch when a luggage rack is installed and loaded.

There are bicycles on a CARrier on the rear hatch, it is possible that the lid will not be able, the open rear hatch must be supported or the weight must be removed luggage, close and lock the rear hatch and all doors when the vehicle is not in use, that no one is left inside vehicle.

Never leave your vehicle unattended or let children play around your vehicle, especially, when the rear hatch is open, becoming trapped and unable to get out, luggage compartment of a parked vehicle can result in temperatures in vehicle that.

Much higher than the outside temperatures, cause unconsciousness and death, particularly small children, never leave children or anyone who cannot help themselves behind vehicle, may lock the vehicle with the vehicle key or the power locking switch lock themselves in.

Before opening or closing the rear hatch, make sure there is enough room to do so, example when the vehicle has a trailer or garage,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, rear hatch open improperly closed.

Open the rear hatch and then close it again, when the ignition is switched on, several warning and indicator lights come on briefly function, if the rear hatch is not closed properly, the red Ï warning light comes on instrument cluster, display or the vehicle icon appears in the instrument cluster showing an open rear hatch.

Depending on vehicle options, a symbol may be displayed in the instrument cluster instead, instrument cluster display goes out about 15 seconds after the vehicle has been locked, if the rear hatch is not closed properly, it may open suddenly when the vehicle moving, stop immediately and close rear hatch.

Always make sure the rear hatch is securely latched after you close it, if there are bicycles on a mounted luggage rack, it may not be possible to open rear hatch ⇒ , remove items from the luggage rack and support open rear hatch, unlocking and opening with the remote control vehicle key.

Unlocking and opening with the unlock switch driver door, pull up the & switch on the driver door until the rear hatch opens automatically ⇒ fig, the switch in the driver door also works when the ignition switched off, opening with the button rear hatch.

Unlock the vehicle or the rear hatch, open door, lift the rear hatch slightly while at the button ⇒ fig, improper and unsupervised unlocking or opening of the rear hatch can cause severe injuries, never open the lid when someone way.

Grasp one of the recessed grips in the trim of the rear hatch ⇒ fig, pull the rear hatch down and close it securely so that latch engages, check the rear hatch to make sure it securely latched, if you unlock the vehicle with the vehicle key, but do not open either a door or the rear hatch about.

The next seconds, the vehicle is automatically locked again, it is only possible to lock the rear hatch when it is securely closed latched, the power locking system also locks rear hatch, if the rear hatch of a locked vehicle is unlocked with the & button on remote control vehicle.

A closed but unlocked rear hatch automatically locks at speeds above 4 mph (7 km/h), improper or unsupervised closing of the rear hatch can cause severe injuries, the lid when someone way.

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