2013 Volkswagen Touareg - Off road driving situations (12 pages)

Posted on 6 Feb, 2015 by Greg
Model: 2013 Volkswagen Touareg
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, driving off-road: Drive at a crawl; don't speed! Even harmless-looking areas can be dangerous ⇒ , volkswagen recommends that you get out of the vehicle and explore terrain personally before, safety practices use common sense.

The examples discussed in this chapter are intended to help you drive safely off-road, situation facing you may not fit any these examples, the wide range of terrain you can come up against, as well the risks and dangers it may hide, make it, impossible to deal with every conceivable situation in this Manual.

Only general guidelines to help you drive safely off-road, dangers before you try to drive over difficult or unfamiliar terrain, if necessary, use traction assistance systems while driving off-road but do not use any other driver, roads and must not be used off-road driving.

Areas that look harmless can, in fact, be very dangerous, be partially or fully covered by water, grass, branches, or other things, terrain can cause accidents severe injuries, before crossing an unknown area, CARefully explore the route you plan take foot.

Never choose a risky route or run a risk that will endanger you your passengers, you have any doubts as to whether the route is safe, turn around use different route, always adapt driving speed and style to load, terrain, visibility, weather conditions, please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS.

Different kinds of terrain require different gears, before driving over a difficult section, think CARefully about which gear you should select, you will learn which gear is best for various types terrain, when driving down slopes - the engine will brake the vehicle.

When the braking power of the engine not enough, never accelerate more than necessary when driving off-road, wheels could lose traction and you could lose control vehicle, use selector lever position (D) when driving ordinary level areas.

Use Tiptronic mode and put the vehicle in 2nd or 3rd gear when driving through moderately, difficult off-road terrain, for example mud, sand, water, hills, use Tiptronic mode and shift into 1st gear when driving up or down steep hills 1st, on soft or slippery surfaces, drive at an appropriate speed and in highest possible driving.

Off-road mode is a special driving program that adjusts the vehicle's performance off-road driving, the speeds at which the automatic transmission shifts gears affected, on some models, you can also use this button to switch off the entire Electronic Stability Control, (ESC) when the vehicle Off-road mode.

If you switch from Off-road mode back to On-road mode, ESC is automatically switched back again, never drive on paved roads in Off-road mode, this mode is designed solely for off-road driving, eDL, and ABS systems can affect vehicle handling make it unstable.

Always make sure to switch off Off-road mode as soon as you are back paved road, drive no faster than a crawl over rocky sections, drive around obstacles such as rocks wherever possible, cARefully advance until one front wheel is on the rock and then slowly drive over it ⇒ .

Straight over it or to climb over it with just 2 wheels, for your vehicle to clear will damage and may disable the vehicle if you try to drive over it, could be stranded far away from help, is no way around them and they are too large to drive over, back up find another route.

Even obstacles that are lower than your vehicle's ground clearance can come into contact, with the underbody and damage or disable your vehicle, dangerous when the ground around them is soft or there is a dip right in front behind, and dispose of them properly in accordance with applicable environmental laws regulations.

Important factors when deciding whether drive through water, firmness of stream bed bank, measure water depth from one side to the other.

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