2013 Volkswagen Touareg - Instrument cluster (6 pages)

Posted on 6 Feb, 2015 by Varagor
Model: 2013 Volkswagen Touareg
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, display of the selected gears (automatic transmission), service reminder information ⇒ Booklet Warranty Maintenance, driving on today's roads demands the full attention of the driver at all times.

Never use the buttons in the instrument cluster while driving, Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, tachometer (shows engine revolutions per minute in thousands, when engine running), per minute) for all gears after the break-in period.

Reset button for the trip odometer display (trip) and button to display engine code, – Push and hold the 0, button again and hold it for about 3 seconds to display previous value, to help prevent engine damage, always avoid high engine speeds, full throttle acceleration.

And heavy engine loads when engine cold, to help prevent engine damage, the tachometer needle should only enter red zone, up-shifting early into the next higher gear saves fuel reduces engine noise, (D), or ease your foot off accelerator ⇒ .

Door, D: Open rear passenger side door,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, depending on the vehicle model, different information may be shown in instrument cluster display, open door, engine hood, or rear hatch ⇒ fig.

Multi-Function Indictor (MFI) and menus different settings, the compass does not need to be calibrated in vehicles with factory-installed navigation system, there is no Compass menu item case, on vehicles without a factory-installed navigation system that have Premium instrument cluster.

Select the Settings menu followed by the Compass Zone menu items, select the compass zone according to the current location ⇒ fig, adjust and confirm compass zone (1-15), in order to calibrate the compass, you need a valid compass zone for the location enough room.

Select the Settings menu followed by the Compass Calibration menu items, confirm the A complete circle must be driven for calibration message with OK, then drive in a complete circle at about 6 mph (10 km/h), during calibration, CAL is shown in the instrument cluster display.

The service appointment reminder is shown in the instrument cluster display ⇒ fig, for more information, please see the ⇒ Booklet Warranty Maintenance, information on maintenance intervals ⇒ Booklet Warranty Maintenance, for vehicles with time- or distance- driven dependent service, fixed service intervals displayed.

For vehicles without text messages, a wrench symbol  and a miles (kilometers) indicator, displayed in the instrument cluster display, driven until the required service must be performed, symbol is displayed and the number of days until the required service shown.

For vehicles with text messages, Service in - mi or - days (Service - km, or - days) is shown on instrument cluster display, when service is due, an audible signal sounds when the ignition is switched on, flashing, wrench symbol  is displayed for several seconds.

Is indicated on instrument cluster display, service messages can be viewed Infotainment System, tap the Service function key screen, a minus sign in front of the number of miles (kilometers) or days means that service overdue.

Service since - mi or - days (Service since - km or - days) shown, service Facility, the service reminder can be reset in the Infotainment System follows, button on the multi-function steering wheel has been pushed...

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