2013 Volkswagen Touareg - Hybrid drive (14 pages)

Posted on 7 Feb, 2015 by Kaiokan
Model: 2013 Volkswagen Touareg
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, removing and installing engine compartment cover, all work on the high-voltage system is dangerous, requires specialized knowledge, should be, cARried out solely by authorized Volkswagen dealers and authorized Volkswagen Service Facilities.

That are qualified to do work on hybrid vehicles and have the training, know-how, tools, equipment, required to properly maintain, diagnose, and repair the hybrid electrical system accordance with, standards and guidelines established by Volkswagen ⇒ , the high-voltage network is made up of the following high-voltage components: high-voltage.

Battery, the power electronics (made up of the DC/DC converter and pulse inverter), electric, motor, high-voltage air conditioning compressor, and the orange-colored high-voltage cables, preparations for working engine compartment, the vehicle's high-voltage electrical system and high-voltage battery dangerous can.

Cause burns, other serious personal injuries, electrocution, death, always assume that high-voltage battery and parts of the high-voltage system fully, never touch or let jewelry or other metal objects contact high-voltage cables or the highvoltage battery and battery poles, especially if the cables, battery, battery poles have, never do any work yourself on the high-voltage electrical system, orange-colored.

High-voltage wiring, or high-voltage battery, never open, service, repair, or disconnect any part of hybrid electrical system, never damage the orange-colored high-voltage cables, disconnect them from high-voltage electrical system.

Never open or remove the orange-colored cover high-voltage battery, always have work on the hybrid electrical system and systems that could be indirectly, affected by it done by qualified, trained technicians who have know-how, experience, documentation, and tools to do work safely.

In compliance with Volkswagen standards guidelines, vehicle keys must be safely stored a safe distance from vehicle so that ignition cannot, be switched on and energize electrical system, gases vented or released from the high-voltage battery vapors potentially poisonous.

Physical damage to the vehicle or the high-voltage battery can result immediate, delayed release of poisonous gases that can also cause fire, always avoid contact with leaking fluids and gases escaping battery, particularly, always tell emergency responders that the vehicle has high-voltage battery.

Driver distraction causes accidents and serious personal injury, or accessing Infotainment System menus while driving can take your attention off road, to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, never change settings instrument, cluster display or use Infotainment System functions unless the vehicle standing still.

When powered by the electric motor, the vehicle makes much less noise, both when idling, and driving, than when it is running on the internal combustion engine, even impossible for the drivers of other vehicles and above all cyclists, pedestrians, children to hear the vehicle when it is running electrical power.

Pedestrians and others can be struck and seriously injured because they cannot hear, vehicle and tell that it is getting close to them, for instance when you parking, backing, always watch out for pedestrians, especially small children, cyclists, others who may, not hear the vehicle or realize that it is about to move or will cross their path travel.

Always be especially CAReful in residential areas, school zones, other places where, the speed of motor vehicles is restricted and pedestrians may be greater risk, make sure the ignition and the hybrid drive system have both been turned off before, never leave the vehicle when hybrid drive system indicator lights are still lit.

Move if the accelerator is depressed even though the combustion engine has been stopped, this can cause accidents and severe lethal injuries, make sure the transmission is in Park (P) before you get out vehicle, never support the vehicle with cinder blocks, bricks, or other objects inspect it.

Vehicle could slip or move suddenly and cause an accident with serious personal injury, never let the hybrid battery get wet, never CARry large amounts of liquids or other fluids luggage compartment.

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