2015 Volkswagen Passat - Lift points for the vehicle (2 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by Baldwin
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Passat
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Manual Description
The vehicle may only be raised at the lift points shown in illustrations ⇒ fig, vehicle is lifted at different points, vehicle damage ⇒ , and serious injuries may occur ⇒ , workshop hoists that use fluid cushions (receiving platforms) must not be used lifting vehicle.

There are many precautions that have to be followed when lifting a vehicle on workshop hoist, knowledge, and experience to be able do so safely, information about lifting the vehicle with the vehicle jack ⇒  Lifting the vehicle with vehicle jack, improperly lifting your vehicle with a workshop hoist or a floor jack can cause vehicle.

Fall off and cause serious personal injury, always read and heed the operating instructions from the floor jack manufacturer, legal regulations if necessary before using the floor jack lift vehicle, never let anyone stay in the vehicle when it is being lifted or when it off ground.

Always lift your vehicle only at the designated lift points shown illustrations, the floor jack when heavy parts such as the engine transmission removed, always make sure that the vehicle's lift points lie as flat as possible centered, never start the engine when you have raised the vehicle on the floor jack.

Vibrations and vehicle movements could knock the vehicle off floor jack, if you must work under a vehicle raised on a floor jack, always make sure that vehicle, is safely supported on safety stands intended for that purpose that strong enough, never use the floor jack as a ladder step ladder.

Always make sure that the weight of the vehicle is not heavier than lifting capacity, the floor jack and safety stands being used, to help prevent serious vehicle damage, never lift the vehicle by the engine oil pan, transmission housing, or by the front or rear axles suspension, to help prevent damage to the underbody or chassis, always insert rubber pad between.

The hoist and the lifting points, the lifting arms should not touch side sills or other parts vehicle...

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