2014 Volkswagen Passat - Engine oil (7 pages)

Posted on 8 Feb, 2015 by JayCee
Model: 2014 Volkswagen Passat
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, checking the engine oil level adding oil , preparations for working engine compartment, improper handling of engine oil can cause severe burns other serious injuries.

Engine oil is poisonous and must be stored out of reach children, store engine oil only in the closed original container, to reduce the risk of poisoning, never drain the oil into empty food beverage, containers that might mislead someone into drinking them.

Continuous contact with used engine oil is harmful to your skin, by washing thoroughly with soap water, engine oil becomes extremely hot when the engine is running can cause severe, like all other operating fluids, engine oil can pollute the environment.

Operating fluids and dispose of them properly in accordance with applicable environmental laws, Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, – If the warning light flashes although oil, level is normal, do not continue driving let.

Have the engine oil sensor checked by an, when the ignition is switched on, several warning and indicator lights come on briefly function, for vehicles with a Premium instrument cluster display and the 3, temperature can be displayed in the Volkswagen Information System MFI menu, MFI menu (MultiFunction Indicator): Premium version, MFI menu (Multi-Function Indicator): Premium version.

Failure to heed warning lights and instrument cluster text messages can cause vehicle, break down in traffic and result in a collision serious personal injury, never ignore warning lights text WARNINGS, always stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe do so.

Failure to heed warning lights or text WARNINGS can result vehicle damage, the engine oil used must conform exact specifications, using the proper engine oil is important for the functionality and service life of engine, was factory-filled with a high-quality multi-grade oil which can usually be used throughout entire.

Engine oils are constantly being improved, volkswagen Service Facilities are always up-to-date regarding new developments changes, volkswagen therefore recommends that you have the engine oil changed by an authorized, volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

Engine oil quality is based not only on requirements for engines and exhaust treatment systems, but, engines, causing engine oil to age and its lubricating qualities deteriorate, your engine was factory-filled with a high-quality, synthetic” all-season engine oil that meets strict, volkswagen oil quality standards and has a viscosity grade of SAE 5W-40.

Use this oil for normal driving all temperatures, volkswagen oil quality standard specified your vehicle's engine, at the time this Manual was printed, the engine oils available in the U, quality standard that applies your vehicle's engine.

If synthetic” oil that meets the applicable Volkswagen oil quality standard with viscosity grade, sAE or SAE 5W-30 is not available in your area, be sure to use a viscosity grade suitable, the climate, season, and operating conditions that exist where the vehicle is used, meets the quality standard listed table.

Standard your engine requires, you may add a total of no more than 1/2 quart (0, high-quality synthetic” oil that meets ACEA A3 specifications and has viscosity grade, use only a high quality engine oil that expressly complies with Volkswagen oil quality, standard specified for your vehicle's engine.

Damage that will not be covered by any Volkswagen Limited Warranty, damage! Damage caused by these kinds of additives are not covered by any Volkswagen, checking the engine oil level adding oil, perform the steps in order listed ⇒ .

The dipstick are located, see your authorized Volkswagen dealer authorized Volkswagen Service, the engine oil dipstick, make sure it lines up with the notch in the guide tube, that dipstick, (B): Oil may be added (about 1 pint / 0.

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