2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid - Preparations for working in the engine compartment (7 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by Spaulagain
Model: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
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Manual Description
Preparations for working engine compartment, in this section you'll find information about, getting ready to work engine compartment, opening and closing engine compartment.

Always position the vehicle on a firm and level surface before doing any work engine, the engine compartment of a vehicle is a hazardous area, know exactly how to carry out job, have the correct technical information and the proper tools supplies.

Are familiar with the necessary safety precautions ⇒ , the vehicle's high-voltage electrical system and high-voltage battery dangerous can, cause burns, other serious personal injuries, electrocution, death, always assume that high-voltage battery and parts of the high-voltage system fully.

Never touch or let jewelry or other metal objects contact high-voltage cables or the highvoltage battery and battery poles, especially if the cables, battery, battery poles have, never do any work yourself on the high-voltage electrical system, orange-colored, high-voltage wiring, or high-voltage battery, never open, service, repair, or disconnect any part of hybrid electrical system.

Never damage the orange-colored high-voltage cables, disconnect them from high-voltage electrical system, never open or remove the orange-colored cover high-voltage battery, always have work on the hybrid electrical system and systems that could be indirectly.

Affected by it done by qualified, trained technicians who have know-how, experience, documentation, and tools to do work safely, in compliance with Volkswagen standards guidelines, vehicle keys must be safely stored a safe distance from vehicle so that ignition cannot.

Be switched on and energize electrical system, gases vented or released from the high-voltage battery vapors potentially poisonous, physical damage to the vehicle or the high-voltage battery can result immediate, delayed release of poisonous gases that can also cause fire.

Always avoid contact with leaking fluids and gases escaping battery, particularly, always tell emergency responders that the vehicle has high-voltage battery, unintended vehicle movement during maintenance work can cause serious personal injuries, never work under the vehicle unless you have safely secured the vehicle moving.

You must work under the vehicle with the wheels on the ground, always make sure that, vehicle is on level ground, that all 4 wheels are chocked to keep them moving, that, if you must work under a vehicle raised on a floor jack, always make sure that vehicle, is safely supported on safety stands intended for that purpose that strong enough.

Support the weight of the vehicle, this purpose and can collapse causing serious personal injury, the engine compartment of any motor vehicle is a potentially dangerous area can cause, always use extreme caution when doing any work in engine compartment.

Follow commonly accepted safety practices and use common sense, never perform any work in the engine compartment unless you know exactly how carry, volkswagen dealer, an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility, another qualified, we strongly recommend that you always have HID – High Intensity Discharge (Xenon).

Headlights and bulbs replaced by a qualified technician, never open or close the engine hood if steam or coolant is escaping, always let the engine cool down completely before carefully opening hood, when the engine has cooled down and you are ready open hood.

– Firmly apply the parking brake and shift the transmission into Park (P), – Take the vehicle key out ignition, – On vehicles with Keyless Access, make sure that the remote control vehicle key out, of range of the vehicle and that the vehicle cannot be started by depressing starter.

– Always keep children and others away from the engine compartment never leave, the engine coolant system is under pressure when the engine is hot, coolant expansion tank cap when the engine is hot.

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