2015 Volkswagen Jetta - Volkswagen Information System (10 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by Doppio
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, menu structure – overview (Basic version) , menu structure – overview (Premium version) , basic and MFI menus (Multi-Function Indicator) .

When the ignition is switched on, you can display different types of information instrument, the menus are operated either with the buttons on the windshield wiper lever with control buttons, on the right side of the multi-function steering wheel, depending vehicle equipment, the number of menus in the instrument cluster display depends on the electronics equipment.

An authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility may be able add, modify functions depending your vehicle's equipment, some menu items can only be accessed when the vehicle not moving, as long as a priority 1 warning message is displayed, no menus can be accessed.

Press the  button on the windshield wiper lever ⇒ fig, radio or Navigation system ⇒ Booklet Radio ⇒ Booklet Navigation system, mobile phone package ⇒ Booklet Mobile Phone Package, driving on today's roads demands the full attention of the driver at all times.

Never access menus when vehicle moving, emergency starting and starting the engine with a very weak vehicle battery after vehicle, battery has been replaced may change or delete system settings (including time, date, and programming), menu structure – overview (Basic version).

 Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, the instrument cluster display is divided into 3 parts, ø - mpg (average fuel consumption),  - miles (fuel range estimate).

- miles (trip memory 1 2), menu structure – overview (Premium version), ▪ Range  (Diesel engines only: visible only when the AdBlue range has fallen to less than 1500 mi), ▪ - mph (digital speed display).

Audio ⇒ Booklet Radio ⇒ Booklet Navigation system, wiper lever with controls for instrument cluster menus displays, if your vehicle does not have a multi-function steering wheel with menu controls, instrument cluster, menus are controlled with buttons on the windshield wiper lever ⇒ fig.

Shield wiper lever or the  button (⇒ fig, a main menu appears in instrument cluster display, for operation with windshield wiper lever: To show the main menu or to go back main menu, from another menu, press and hold the rocker switch ⇒ fig.

For operation with multi-function steering wheel: Push buttons # or ∃ to move another main, menu, and push the arrow up and down buttons  and  to navigate inside current main menu, press the  button ⇒ fig, in the Settings main menu, press the  button to display items available under MFI data.

Windshield wiper lever: Use the rocker switch ⇒ fig, through the available options, then press the  button (1) select setting, multi-function steering wheel: Use the arrow up and down buttons  or  multi-function, multi-function steering wheel: Press the # or ∃ buttons ⇒ fig.

Information displays on the navigation system (if equipped), when destination guidance is active, turn arrows and proximity bars are shown, if destination guidance is inactive, driving direction (compass function) and the current street name displayed, information and settings of mobile phone package.

Turn the Blind Spot monitor, Rear Traffic Alert, Adaptive, front Lighting System (AFS), or Front Assist off (if, this menu item is only displayed when warning or information messages are available, messages is shown in the display.

Includes various submenus and settings such time, speed warning for winter tires, language, units, basic and MFI menus (Multi-Function Indicator).

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