2015 Volkswagen Jetta - Trailer towing (11 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by RichardSRoe
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, obey country-specific requirements about trailer towing trailer hitches, volkswagen does not recommend installing a trailer hitch on your vehicle, handling, fuel economy, and performance, and may require the vehicle to be serviced more often.

Trailer towing not only places more stress on the vehicle, it calls for more concentration, under winter conditions, install winter tires on the vehicle trailer, the maximum permissible trailer tongue weight exerted on the ball mount must not exceed 200 lbs, riding in a trailer is dangerous may be illegal.

Improper use of the trailer hitch can cause accidents and injuries, incorrect, or damaged trailer hitch can cause the trailer to separate towing vehicle, only use an undamaged, properly mounted trailer hitch, never repair or modify trailer hitch.

To reduce the risk of injury in rear-end collisions, and the risk pedestrians cyclists, when the vehicle is parked, always remove the ball mount when you are not towing trailer, never install a weight distributing” or load equalizing” trailer hitch your vehicle, vehicle was not designed for these kinds of trailer hitches.

Fail, causing the trailer to tear loose vehicle, improper trailer towing can cause loss of vehicle control serious personal injury, driving with a trailer and carrying heavy or large things can change way vehicle, handles, increase the distance it needs to stop safely, cause accidents.

Always secure the load properly with suitable and undamaged straps so that load will, always adapt your speed and driving to the heavier load and the weight distribution, reduce your speed even more than you otherwise would when going downhill under, unfavorable load, weather, wind conditions.

Trailers with a high center of gravity tip more easily than trailers with a low center gravity, always avoid sudden maneuvers hard braking, be especially careful when passing other vehicles, reduce speed immediately if the trailer shows the slightest sign swaying.

Never try to stop swaying by accelerating, lower than for vehicles without trailers, during the break-in period, about 600 miles (1000 km) ⇒  Parts, accessories, repairs, modifications, when you are not towing, remove the trailer hitch ball.

Causing damage to your vehicle and to others if your vehicle hit behind, some models need a trailer hitch to tow or tow-start other vehicles, carry the ball mount in the vehicle after it has been removed,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS.

Use only a weight-carrying trailer hitch designed and approved for the gross weight trailer you, to the appropriate place on the vehicle chassis, always check with the trailer hitch manufacturer to make sure that you are using correct trailer, hitch and carefully follow the hitch manufacturer's instructions.

Load-equalizing” trailer hitch on your vehicle, never install a trailer hitch on the bumper or on the bumper attachments, interfere with the impact-absorbing bumper system, when you are not towing, remove the trailer hitch.

Towing a trailer makes the engine and its cooling system work harder, cooling system is up to the job, if your trailer has its own brakes, make sure it meets all regulations, never be directly connected to vehicle's brake system.

Always use safety chains between your vehicle and the trailer ⇒  Hitching up connecting trailer, trailer lights must meet all regulations ⇒  Hitching up connecting trailer, never connect the trailer lights directly to the electrical system your vehicle, adjust the outside mirrors before driving.

Do not exceed the power ratings listed chart below, an improperly installed or incorrect trailer hitch can cause a trailer separate, tow vehicle and cause serious personal injuries.

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