2015 Volkswagen Jetta - Parts, accessories, repairs and modifications (8 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by Cheeto
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, repairs and other things that can affect Advanced Airbag performance , notice about data recorded by the Event Data Recorder vehicle control modules , notice about data recorded by vehicle control modules .

Using a mobile phone without a vehicle-integrated antenna - some important things know , inappropriate spare parts and accessories as well as improperly performed work, modifications and repairs can cause vehicle damage, accidents serious personal injuries, volkswagen strongly recommends to only use accessories approved by Volkswagen, volkswagen for their suitability, reliability safety.

Have repairs and vehicle modifications performed by an authorized Volkswagen dealer, volkswagen Service Facilities have the required tools, diagnostic equipment, repair information, and trained personnel to properly replace any airbag in your vehicle and assure system effectiveness crash, only install parts on the vehicle that are consistent with factory-installed parts with respect design characteristics, never store, mount, or attach objects, such as cup holders or phone cradles, next.

The airbag module covers or within airbags deployment zones, only use wheel rim/tire combinations approved by Volkswagen respective vehicle,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, note applicable requirements for breaking new parts.

A new engine must be carefully broken in during the first 1000 miles (1600 kilometers), few hours of driving, the engine's internal friction is higher than later when all moving parts have been, engine life is influenced by how you drive the vehicle for the first 1000 miles (1600 km), engine wear and help the engine to last longer and go farther.

Don't let the engine speed get above 2/3 maximum speed, from to 1000 miles (1000 to 1600 km): Speed may gradually be increased to maximum permissible road engine speed, new tires and replacement tires ⇒  Tires wheels, breaking in a new engine gently will increase service life reduce oil consumption.

Volkswagen recommends that you consult an authorized Volkswagen dealer authorized, volkswagen Service Facility before purchasing accessories, spare parts other equipment, or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility can provide information about legal requirements, factory-recommended accessories, spare parts, other equipment.

Improper vehicle modifications and repairs affect the performance of airbag system, cause malfunctions severe personal injuries, the airbag module covers or within airbag deployment zones, objects on or near the surface where airbags are located can come loose and cause serious personal injury airbag deploys.

Operating fluids and parts that wear out with use (such as timing belts, tires, engine coolants, engine oils, spark plugs, and vehicle batteries) are constantly being improved, important to have operating fluids changed and wearing parts replaced by an authorized Volkswagen, dealer or authorized Volkswagen Service Facility.

Volkswagen Service Facilities are always up-to-date regarding new developments changes, improper use of operating fluids and equipment can cause accidents, serious personal injuries, burns and/or poisoning, always store vehicle care products in a safe place in original containers that securely, to reduce the risk of poisoning, never use empty food or beverage containers that might.

Mislead someone into drinking them, always keep vehicle care products out of reach children, always read and heed all the instructions and all WARNINGS on package before using, when using products that give off harmful fumes, always work outdoors or in well ventilated area.

Never use fuel, turpentine, engine oil, nail polish remover or other volatile fluids for vehicle care, only refill with suitable operating fluids, that you pour the fluids into the correct reservoirs, malfunctions and engine damage! Under no circumstances should you mix up operating fluids.

Otherwise serious malfunctions and engine damage can occur, accessories and other things installed in front of the cooling air intakes impair the efficiency of the engine coolant, leaking operating fluids can pollute the environment, containers and dispose of them properly in accordance with applicable environmental laws regulations.

Volkswagen guidelines for repairs and technical modifications must be followed ⇒ , changes to electronic components and related software can cause malfunctions, can also affect other systems that are related to the component or software that was modified.

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