2015 Volkswagen Jetta - Mirrors (5 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by Artful
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, for your driving safety, it is important that you properly adjust the outside mirrors inside mirror, the outside mirrors and the inside mirror help you see and adapt your driving traffic behind you, remember that the inside and outside rearview mirrors will not show everything behind you.

Adjusting mirrors when the vehicle is moving can cause driver distraction, accidents, always adjust the rearview mirrors when the vehicle not moving, always be aware of what is happening around the vehicle when changing lanes, passing, always make sure mirrors are properly adjusted and the view to the rear not reduced by.

Moisture, ice, snow, other things, self-dimming rearview mirrors contain an electrolyte fluid which can leak if mirror glass, repeated or prolonged exposure to electrolyte fluid can irritate respiratory system, especially among people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

If electrolyte fluid gets into the eyes, flush them thoroughly with large amounts clean, water for at least 15 minutes; medical attention recommended, if electrolyte fluid contacts skin, flush affected area with clean water least, minutes and then wash affected area with soap and water; medical attention is recommended.

Broken glass in the self-dimming rearview mirrors can cause electrolyte fluid leakage, electrolyte leaked from a broken mirror glass will damage any plastic surfaces it comes,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, adjust the inside mirror to make sure that there is good visibility through rear window.

For example, visibility through the rear window could be impaired if there is a sunshade rear, window or clothing on the luggage compartment cover, or if the rear window is covered with ice, snow, home position: Lever on the bottom edge of mirror points forward, to adjust to non-glare visibility, move the lever so that it points backward ⇒ fig.

Sensor for recognizing the entry of light rear, sensor for registering light front, the self-dimming feature can be switched on and off with the switch on the inside mirror (2) A (2), there are two sensors in interior mirror housing.

One sensor on the side facing the interior to measure light from the rear of the vehicle ⇒ fig, if the ignition is switched on, the mirror automatically darkens depending on the amount light shining, the self-dimming feature is deactivated when you shift the transmission into reverse switch, do not attach external navigation devices to the windshield or in the vicinity self-dimming inside.

The illuminated display on an external navigation device can cause self-dimming inside, mirror to malfunction, which can result in crashes serious injuries, malfunctions in the self-dimming function can result in the inside mirror being unable, evaluate the exact distance of vehicles in the rear other objects.

If the light striking the sensor is filtered or blocked (such as by sunshade), self-dimming, inside mirror will not work properly or may not work all, turn the knob desired position, temperatures below °F (+20 °C).

Adjust the left outside mirror by pressing knob left/right, adjust the right outside mirror by pressing knob left/right, improper use of the folding outside mirrors can cause personal injury, always make sure that nobody is in the way when folding the mirrors out.

Make sure that you do not get your finger caught between the mirror mirror base, incorrectly estimating distances with the right outside mirror can cause collisions serious injury, the right outside mirror has a convex (curved) surface, but vehicles or other objects seen in a convex mirror will look smaller farther away than.

Changing lanes, you could estimate incorrectly and cause a crash serious injuries, whenever possible, use the inside mirror to more accurately judge distance size, vehicles or other objects seen convex mirror, always make sure you have a clear view to the rear vehicle.

Always fold in the outside mirrors when taking the vehicle through an automatic car wash, to reduce fuel consumption, use outside mirror heating only when needed, when first switched on, outside mirror heating works with maximum heat about 2 minutes.

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