2015 Volkswagen Jetta - Engine coolant (8 pages)

Posted on 10 Feb, 2015 by Minifig
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, engine coolant temperature warning light (vehicles without coolant temperature gauge) , warning light and engine coolant temperature gauge , checking engine coolant level topping off .

Never do any work on the coolant system unless you, know exactly how to carry out job, have the correct technical information and the proper tools, supplies, operating fluids, are familiar with the necessary safety precautions ⇒ .

Serious personal injury may result improperly performed work, always keep the coolant in its original container stored safe place, to reduce the risk of poisoning, never store engine coolant in empty food beverage, containers or in any other containers that might mislead someone into drinking them.

Always keep engine coolant out reach children, always make sure there is enough of the correct coolant additive to provide proper antifreeze protection at the coldest temperatures that can be expected where vehicle will be, at extremely cold temperatures, the coolant could freeze, causing vehicle break, coolant and coolant additives can pollute the environment.

Dispose of them properly in accordance with applicable environmental laws regulations, engine coolant temperature warning light (vehicles without coolant,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, the following information applies to vehicles without an engine coolant temperature gauge.

Vehicle is equipped with an engine coolant temperature gauge in the instrument cluster, see ⇒  Warning light and engine coolant temperature gauge, when the ignition is switched on, several warning and indicator lights come on briefly function, the following table explains what to do if the engine coolant temperature warning light  does not go, out a few seconds after the engine is started or starts flashing while driving.

Pull off the road and stop as soon as you can do so, temperature is in the normal range again, engine coolant level and add engine coolant needed, if the engine coolant level is correct problem.

Continues after adding coolant driving short, distance, do not drive any farther, nearest authorized Volkswagen dealer authorized, if the coolant level is correct, overheating may.

Be caused by a radiator fan fault, check the engine coolant level after engine has, cooled down and add engine coolant low, continues after adding coolant, do not drive any.

These instructions apply only when coolant, get assistance an authorized Volkswagen, dealer, an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility, do not drive at high engine speeds with heavy.

Engine loads until engine warms up, failure to heed warning lights and instrument cluster text messages can cause vehicle, break down in traffic and result in a collision serious personal injury, never ignore warning lights text WARNINGS.

Always stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe do so, failure to heed warning lights or text WARNINGS can result vehicle damage, warning light and engine coolant temperature gauge, some vehicles are equipped with an engine coolant temperature gauge instrument cluster.

Under normal driving conditions, the needle should be in the middle of gauge, may go higher when the engine is working hard, especially hot weather, pull off the road and stop soon you, cool down until the temperature needle.

Coolant level and add engine coolant, if the engine coolant level correct, problem continues after adding coolant.

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