2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen - Emergency closing and opening (6 pages)

Posted on 6 Jul, 2015 by Uscmafia
Model: 2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, manually unlocking and locking driver door , opening the rear hatch from inside luggage compartment , emergency release for fuel filler flap .

Emergency release for selector lever lock , the doors and the rear hatch can be manually locked and, in some cases, unlocked necessary, instance because the power locking system or the remote control vehicle key malfunctions, serious injuries can result if the emergency closing and opening procedures used carelessly.

Never leave children, disabled persons, or anyone who cannot help themselves, people being trapped in the vehicle an emergency, a closed vehicle can become very hot or very cold, depending season, in the summer, heat buildup in the passenger and luggage compartment parked vehicle.

Can result in temperatures in the vehicle that are much higher than outside temperatures, temperatures can quickly reach levels that can cause unconsciousness and death, particularly small children, careless opening and closing of the doors, the rear hatch, and the power sunroof is dangerous and can cause serious personal injury, open or close the doors, the rear hatch, and the power sunroof only when no one.

To help prevent vehicle damage, carefully remove and properly reinstall parts after emergency, manually unlocking and locking driver door,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, when locking the vehicle manually, all doors are locked.

Unfold the key bit from the remote control vehicle key ⇒  Vehicle key set, cover cap on the driver door ⇒ fig, pulling slightly makes it easier remove cap, side of the vehicle key touches the door handle during locking or unlocking, either pull door handle.

Slightly or reinsert the vehicle key in the lock cylinder with the opposite side facing up, reinsert the cover cap from top to bottom and press until it clicks into place, handle and pulling slightly makes it easier reinstall cap, if the vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system, the system remains activated.

When the ignition is switched on and deactivates anti-theft alarm system, the driver door can be unlocked separately from the inside the vehicle by pulling door handle, to open the door ⇒  Unlocking or locking the vehicle inside, the anti-theft alarm system, when installed, is not activated when the vehicle locked manually.

With the key bit ⇒  Anti-theft alarm system, the passenger door and rear doors can each be locked manually, remove the rubber seal on the front side of the door, the driver side rear door, turn key counterclockwise.

Reinsert the rubber seal and completely close door, make sure that door locked, repeat the procedure for other doors necessary, have the vehicle checked immediately by an authorized Volkswagen dealer an authorized.

The vehicle doors can be unlocked and opened separately from inside the vehicle by pulling, door handle to open the door ⇒  Power locking system, opening the rear hatch from inside luggage compartment, if necessary, fold the rear seat backrest forward ⇒  Seat functions.

Remove luggage in order to reach the rear hatch inside, unfold the key bit from the vehicle key fob ⇒  Vehicle key set, insert the key into the slot on the rear hatch ⇒ fig, of the arrow to unlock the rear hatch.

Emergency release for fuel filler flap, there is no emergency release for the fuel filler flap, authorized Volkswagen Service Facility assistance, emergency release for selector lever lock.

If the power supply fails (due to a dead vehicle battery, for example) and the vehicle has be pushed, or towed, the emergency release must be used to move the selector lever Neutral (N), on the selector lever in your vehicle, you may need the screwdriver from the vehicle tool kit release.

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