2015 Volkswagen e-Golf - Heating and air conditioning (10 pages)

Posted on 5 Jul, 2015 by Alexid
Model: 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf
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Manual Description
In this section you'll find information about, your vehicle is equipped with either a manual air conditioning climate control system, on vehicles with Climatronic climate control, Climatronic information appears Climatronic display, and/or on the screen of factory-installed Infotainment system.

The dust and pollen filter with an activated carbon insert reduces the entry of pollutants into passenger compartment, the dust and pollen filter must be replaced at the intervals recommended ⇒ Booklet Warranty, maintenance so that the air conditioner can work properly, air is heavily polluted, the dust and pollen filter should be replaced more frequently than indicated.

Starting and stopping electric motor, poor visibility increases the risk of collisions and other accidents that cause serious personal injuries, always make sure all windows are clear of ice, snow and condensation good visibility, to the front, sides, rear.

Always make sure you know how to properly use the climate control system well, rear window defroster that you will need good visibility, never use air recirculation for long periods of time, recirculation mode is on, condensation can quickly form on the windows greatly reduce.

Always switch off recirculation mode when it not needed, stale air causes driver fatigue and reduces driver alertness, which can cause accidents, collisions serious personal injury, never switch off the fan for a long period of time and never use air recirculation long, period of time because no fresh air will enter passenger compartment.

Dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility, air conditioner repair requires specialized knowledge and special tools, do not smoke when air recirculation is switched on, the windows from fogging over, Volkswagen recommends leaving air conditioner (compressor).

When it is very hot and humid outside, water condensation can drip air conditioner, evaporator and form a puddle under the vehicle, keep the air intake slots in front of the windshield free of ice, snow, and leaves in order to maintain proper functioning of the heating ventilation systems,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS.

Press the corresponding button to switch a function on or off, light under the button lights up, button/Knob More information: Manual air conditioning ⇒ fig, temperature Turn knob to set the desired temperature.

And the cooling system switch automatically, direct airflow by turning knob any setting (continuously, defog/defrost: Airflow is directed to the windshield, increases the fan speed to clear windshield quickly.

Air distribution to the upper instrument panel outlets, air distribution to windshield footwells, rear window defroster: Works only when electric motor, is activated and switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

Press the button to switch the air conditioner off, stale air causes driver fatigue and reduces alertness, which can cause accidents, collisions, never switch off the fan for a long time because no fresh air will enter passenger compartment, light in or under the button lights up.

Left and right sides of the vehicle can be set different, the fan speed is automatically controlled depending, vehicle speed in order to help prevent unnecessary noise, air flow is automatically adjusted to comfortable level.

Can also be manually adjusted with buttons (3), left-side and right-side digital temperature displays, button/Knob More information: Climatronic ⇒ fig, press the button for maximum air conditioner cooling.

Air recirculation and cooling system are switched on automatically and the air distribution is automatically set position , applies the temperature settings for the driver side, passenger side: If the indicator light in  button lights.

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