2015 Volkswagen e-Golf - Changing a wheel (8 pages)

Posted on 6 Jul, 2015 by Future
Model: 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf
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In this section you'll find information about, lifting the vehicle with vehicle jack , change a wheel by yourself only if the vehicle is parked in a safe location, you familiar with safety, procedures and the technical steps, and you have proper tools available.

The vehicle jack can only be safely used to change the wheel on a vehicle that has only one flat, changing a wheel, especially on the side of the road, can be dangerous, always stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so, the road where it is safe change wheel.

Always make sure that all passengers, especially children, are in a safe place outside, vehicle and away from the vehicle and traffic (such as behind guard rail), turn on the emergency flashers and set up another warning device about 25 yards, meters) behind the vehicle warn approaching traffic.

Change a wheel by yourself only if you are familiar with necessary steps, always switch the electric motor off, firmly apply the parking brake, and shift the transmission into Park (P) (automatic transmission) or any gear (manual only) help prevent, vehicle from moving suddenly and slipping off jack, always make sure that the ground is level and firm.

And sturdy board or on similar ground support, always block the wheel diagonally opposite the wheel being changed with chocks other, always use proper and undamaged tools when changing wheel, once a wheel is lifted off the ground, having the transmission in Park (P) or gear will not.

Always use a jack that has been approved by the manufacturer for your vehicle, other jacks, even if they have been approved for use other Volkswagen models, to reduce the risk of losing control, crashes, and serious personal injuries, never loosen, the screws on rims with threaded rim rings.

After changing a wheel, have the wheel bolt tightening torque checked with an accurate, after changing a wheel or tire, reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System ⇒  Tire Pressure,  Please first read and note the introductory information heed WARNINGS, getting ready to change a wheel.

Surface where no part of the hot catalytic converter and exhaust system can come into contact with, flammable materials under the vehicle, such as dry grass, brush, spilled fuel, etc, disregarding the safety-related checklist may lead to accidents serious personal injuries, always review and follow the checklist.

Loosen the wheel bolts only with the lug wrench that was supplied with vehicle, loosen the wheel bolts only about 1 turn before lifting the vehicle with jack, if a wheel bolt does not come loose, carefully push the end of the lug wrench with your foot, you are standing firmly on the ground and hold on to vehicle support.

Push the lug wrench over the wheel bolt all way ⇒ fig, holding the lug wrench at the end, loosen the wheel bolt by turning it counterclockwise about 1, the design of rims and wheel bolts is matched to the factory-installed wheels, installed, wheel bolts with the right length and bolt head shape must be used.

Wheels and function of the brake system depend this, correctly tightened bolts for steel and alloy wheel rims should have a torque of 88 ft-lbs (120 Nm), after changing a wheel, have the wheel bolt tightening torque checked right away with an accurate, before you check the tightening torque, replace corroded and difficult-to-turn wheel bolts clean.

Never grease or oil the wheel bolts and the threads in the wheel hubs, driving if greased or oiled, even if tightened required torque, improperly tightened wheel bolts can come loose while driving and cause you lose control, over the vehicle, resulting in accidents serious injuries.

Only use wheel bolts that belong your vehicle and to wheel being installed, never use different wheel bolts, wheel bolts and wheel hub threads must always be clean, easy-to-turn and free oil, loose while driving if greased or oiled, even if tightened required torque.

Never loosen bolted connections on wheel rims with bolted rim rings, if the wheel bolts are not tightened to the proper torque, the wheel can come off the vehicle when it is moving, lifting the vehicle with vehicle jack.

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