2017 Toyota Yaris Hybrid - Owner's Manual (504 pages)

Posted on 31 Aug, 2016 by James
Model: 2017 Toyota Yaris Hybrid
File size: 31.33 MB

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Manual Description
Depending on specifications, the vehicle shown in the illustrations may differ from your vehicle in terms of equipment. High voltage parts and cables on the hybrid vehicles emit approximately the same amount of electromagnetic waves as the conventional gasoline powered vehicles or home electronic appliances despite of their electromagnetic shielding. If the vehicle is scrapped with the airbags and seat belt pretensioners left as they are, this may cause an accident such as fire.

There is also a danger that children may injure themselves by playing with the cigarette lighter, the windows, the panoramic roof shade, or other features of the vehicle. In addition, heat build-up or extremely cold temperatures inside the vehicle can be fatal to children. Failure to do so may cause the driver's floor mat to slip, possibly interfering with the pedals while driving.

The seat belt is most effective when the occupants are sitting up straight and well back in the seats. As the airbags deploy, a chemical reaction in the inflators quickly fills the airbags with non-toxic gas to help restrain the motion of the occupants. If reclining the back of your seat makes it hard to see the road, raise yourself by using a firm, non-slippery cushion, or raise the seat if your vehicle has that feature.

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