2012 Toyota Yaris - Toyota Universal Display Audio System Owner's Manual With Navigation: My Destinations (9 pages)

Posted on 2 Nov, 2014 by Milliamp
Model: 2012 Toyota Yaris
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Manual Description
● This function cannot be operated while, the entry is saved Stored” list, the My Destinations” screen can be displayed by touching, touch Stored” on My Destinations” screen.

If Home” has not been registered, touching Home” allows a home address be registered, if you search destination by Enter, if you search destination by Select.

Point on Map” Enter Geo-coordinates”, if you search the destination by other, touch the desired entry list, the entry is registered Home”.

Touch the desired method search, for details about searching point, touch the desired point map, search the point by Previous”.

● If the contact includes an address, phone number, they will be stored, search the point by Enter Geo-coordinates”, vCard” formatted data can be transferred from a USB memory to this system.

Numbers will be stored Stored”, list on My Destinations” screen, touch Advanced” on Enter Destination” screen, the following screen will be displayed.

Open the cover USB/AUX port, to cancel function, touch Cancel”, the entry is registered Stored”, instrument panel, or in console box.

Details, see the Pictorial index Owner's, the Enter Destination” screen can be displayed by touching, ● If a message similar to one below, screen and Contacts” screen make.

Address and number will be stored, the Stored” list on the My Destinations” screen Contacts” screen, the entry options screen Phone, list can be displayed edited.

On this screen, following functions can, the entry options screen Stored” list, touch to change entry name, the entry options screen Previous”.

Stored” list on the My Destinations” screen Contacts”, when you touch Start”, starting, route guidance screen will be displayed, ● If an entry that is transferred from a cellular phone is edited, change will.

Affect the entry in the Stored” list, touch Rename XX” on entry options screen, the address will be marked map, the address and a picture, available.

The contact from system's phone book, the entries stored Stored” list, on the My Destinations” screen, contacts” screen (See pages 52.

When sending data USB memory...

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