2012 Toyota Yaris - Driving procedures (21 pages)

Posted on 30 Oct, 2014 by Waltduncan
Model: 2012 Toyota Yaris
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Manual Description
The following procedures should be observed ensure safe driving, with the brake pedal depressed, shift the shift lever D, gradually release the brake pedal gently depress, while depressing the clutch pedal, shift the shift lever 1.

Depress the accelerator pedal accelerate vehicle, with the shift lever in D, depress brake pedal, if necessary, set parking brake, the shift lever to P N.

While depressing the clutch pedal, depress brake, shift the shift lever P, if parking on a hill, block wheels needed, turn the engine switch to the LOCK” position stop.

Lock the door, making sure that you have key your, shift the shift lever N, if parking on a hill, shift the shift lever to 1 or R block, make sure that the parking brake is set and shift shift lever.

With the parking brake firmly set and clutch pedal fully, depressed, shift the shift lever 1, lightly depress the accelerator pedal at same time, ● Drive carefully when it is raining, because visibility will be reduced.

Windows may become fogged-up, and the road will be slippery, ● Drive carefully when it starts to rain, because the road surface will be, ● Refrain from high speeds when driving on an expressway rain, because there may be a layer of water between the tires road.

Surface, preventing the steering and brakes operating properly, to extend the life of the vehicle, observing the following precautions recommended, ● For the first 1000 miles (1600 km), do not drive extremely high speeds.

Do not drive continuously low gears, operating your vehicle foreign country, comply with the relevant vehicle registration laws confirm availability, eco-friendly driving (vehicles with an automatic transmission).

During Eco-friendly acceleration operation (Eco driving), Eco Driving Indicator, when the vehicle stopped, light, eco Driving Indicator Light will not operate in any following conditions, ● The vehicle speed approximately 80.

Eco Driving Indicator Light can be activated deactivated, ● The shift position anything other than, when starting the vehicle (vehicles with an automatic transmission), always keep your foot on the brake pedal while stopped with the engine running.

Accidentally depressing the accelerator pedal instead brake, pedal will result in sudden acceleration that may lead an accident, that could result in death serious injury, when backing up, you may twist your body around, leading to a difficulty in operating the pedals.

Make sure to keep a correct driving posture even when moving, depress the brake pedal using your right foot, pedal using your left foot may delay response in an emergency, resulting an accident, the exhaust system and exhaust gases can be extremely hot.

Parts may cause a fire if there is any flammable material nearby, ● On vehicles with an automatic transmission, do not let vehicle roll, backward while the shift lever is in a driving position, roll forward while, doing so may cause the engine to stall or lead to poor brake steering.

Performance, resulting in an accident or damage vehicle, check that the back door is closed, ● On vehicles with an automatic transmission, do not shift the shift lever P.

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