2008 Toyota Yaris - Using the audio system (Sedan) (26 pages)

Posted on 4 Nov, 2014 by Kaiokan
Model: 2008 Toyota Yaris
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Manual Description
CD player with CD changer controller AM/FM radio, interference may be heard through the audio system's speakers cellular, phone is being used inside or close to the vehicle while audio system, n For vehicles sold U.

Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment will void, do not take this unit apart or attempt to make any changes yourself, this is an intricate unit that uses a laser pickup retrieve information, from the surface of compact discs.

That its rays remain inside the cabinet, use of controls or adjustments or performance procedures other, than those specified herein may result hazardous radiation exposure, do not leave the audio system on longer than necessary with engine off.

N To avoid damaging audio system, take care not to spill drinks or other fluids over audio system, search for desired stations by turning, press and hold button (from.

) that the station is to be set to until you hear beep, n Scanning preset radio stations, when the desired station is reached, press button once, n Scanning all radio stations within range.

All stations with reception will be played 5 seconds each, preset stations will be played 5 seconds each, l Maintaining perfect radio reception at all times is difficult due to the continually changing position of the antenna, differences signal strength, and surrounding objects, such trains, transmitters, etc.

L The radio antenna is mounted inside the rear window, radio reception, do not attach metallic window tinting other metallic, objects to the antenna wire mounted inside rear window, press ∧” to move up or ∨” move down using.

Until the desired track number displayed, the first seconds of each track will be played, press the switch again when the desired track reached, selecting a CD (with external CD changer only).

The first seconds of the first track on each CD will be played, press the switch again when the desired CD reached, (RPT) until you hear beep, tracks are played in a random order until the button pressed once.

N All CDs (with external CD changer only), tracks on all loaded CDs are played in a random order until button, each time the switch is pressed, the display changes in order Track, if there are 13 characters or more, pressing holding.

For second or more will display remaining characters, a maximum of 24 characters can be displayed, is pressed for 1 second or more again has not been, pressed for seconds or more, the display will return to first 12 characters.

Depending on the contents recorded, the characters may not be displayed, refer to the following table and take the appropriate measures, due to a high temperature inside player, n Discs that can be used.

Discs with the marks shown below can be used, playback may not be possible depending on recording format or disc features, or due to scratches, dirt deterioration, cDs with copy-protect features may not be used, to protect the internal components, playback automatically stopped when.

A problem is detected while the CD player being used, n CDs and adapters that cannot be used, doing so may damage the CD player and/or CD insert/eject function.

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