2006 Toyota Yaris - Information Before Driving Your Toyota (30 pages)

Posted on 24 Oct, 2014 by Renegade
Model: 2006 Toyota Yaris
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Manual Description
Drive gently avoid high speeds, your vehicle does not need an elaborate, for the first 1600 km (1000 miles) can add, to the future economy long life.

Your new vehicle must use only unleaded gasoline, select Octane Rating 87 (Research Octane Number 91) higher, to help prevent gas station mix−ups, your, toyota has a smaller fuel tank opening.

The special nozzle on pumps with unleaded fuel will fit it, but the larger standard nozzle on pumps with leaded gas will, use of unleaded gasoline with an octane, rating or research octane number lower, than stated above will cause persistent.

D Do not drive slowly with manual, at a minimum, gasoline you use, if you detect heavy knocking even when, using the recommended fuel, you.

Hear steady knocking while holding, steady speed on level roads, consult your, d Avoid full throttle acceleration when, d Try to avoid hard stops during first.

Single speed, either fast slow, leaded gasoline will cause three−, way catalytic converter to lose its effectiveness emission control, light knocking for a short time while accelerating or driving up hills.

And there is no need concern, however, all gasoline sold U, contains detergent additives keep clean, europe and Japan have developed.

Is expected to be applied world wide, the WWFC consists four categories, that depend on required emission levels, toyota, be sure that it has an octane.

In a very few cases, you may experience, drivability problems caused by the particular gasoline that you using, not rectify your problem, then consult your, cleaner burning gasoline, including reformulated gasoline that contains oxygenates such as ethanol MTBE.

Toyota does not recommend use, some gasoline contain an octane enhancing additive called MMT (Methylcycropentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl), the Malfunction Indicator Lamp on the instrument cluster may come on, z If driveability problems occur (poor.

Z Take care not to spill gasohol during refueling, the fuel pump shut off system stops supplying fuel to the engine minimize, risk of fuel leakage when engine stalls, or an airbag inflates upon collision.

Restart the engine after fuel pump shut, off system activates, turn ignition, switch to ACC” or LOCK” once start, if you plan to drive your Toyota.

First, comply with vehicle registration, second, confirm the availability of the correct fuel (unleaded minimum octane, inspect the ground under vehicle, find that liquid has leaked onto.

Ground, it is fuel system has, been damaged and it need, the three−way catalytic converter an.

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