2015 Toyota Venza - Using the interior lights (4 pages)

Posted on 1 Nov, 2014 by Varshakiri
Model: 2015 Toyota Venza
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Manual Description
Your Toyota is equipped with the illuminated entry system assist, shown in the following illustration automatically turn on/off according to the presence of the electronic key (vehicles with smart key, system), whether the doors are locked/unlocked, whether doors, are opened/closed, and the ENGINE START STOP” switch mode.

(vehicles with smart key system) or engine switch position (vehicles, eNGINE START STOP” switch light (vehicles with smart key, system) or engine switch light (vehicles without smart key system), on when a door opened.

The personal/interior lights cannot be individually turned off, personal/interior lights luggage compartment light, turned off when the personal/interior light main switch door, to prevent the battery being discharged.

If the personal/interior lights and ENGINE START STOP” switch light, remain on when the door is not fully closed personal/interior light, main switch is in door position, the lights will go off automatically after 20, if the personal/interior lights and engine switch light remain when.

Door is not fully closed and the personal/interior light main switch, door position, the lights will go off automatically after 20 minutes...

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