2014 Toyota Venza - 2014 Venza: PHONE OPERATION (26 pages)

Posted on 31 Oct, 2014 by Pete Roe
Model: 2014 Toyota Venza
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Manual Description
Bluetooth® phones can be operated via the navigation system's screen, the hands-free operation screen, press, an antenna for the Bluetooth® connection is built instrument, in the following conditions and/or places.

The cellular phone is obstructed by certain objects (such when, it is behind the seat or in the glove box console box), the cellular phone touches or is covered with metal materials, leave the Bluetooth® phone in a place where condition.

When the cellular phone is not connected, No Connect” displayed, rm” is displayed when receiving roaming area, the receiving area may not be displayed depending type, the level of reception does not always correspond with the level displayed on the cellular phone.

When the cellular phone is out of the service area or in a place inaccessible by radio waves, No Service” displayed, press to display hands-free operation screen, press to display the Setup” screen, bluetooth*” on the Setup” screen displays hands-free setup.

*: Bluetooth is a registered trademark Bluetooth SIG, Inc, this is not displayed when the Bluetooth® not connected, the amount displayed does not always correspond with amount, may not be displayed depending on the type phone you have.

This system does not have charging function, to be made and received without having to take your hands off steering, bluetooth® is wireless data system, that enables cellular phones be used.

Without being connected by cable, for registering and setting phone, see PHONE SETTINGS” page 156, ● While driving, do not use cellular.

Phone or connect Bluetooth® phone, reasonable distance between themselves Bluetooth® antennas, the radio waves may affect the operation such devices, ● Before using cellular phones, users.

Any electrical medical device other than, manufacturer of the device for information about its operation under the influence of radio waves, have unexpected effects on the operation such medical devices, ● If your cellular phone does not support.

● In the following conditions, system, the cellular phone turned off, the cellular phone not connected, the cellular phone has low battery.

● When using Bluetooth® audio, hands-free at the same time, the following problems may occur, the Bluetooth® connection may be, noise may be heard Bluetooth®.

● This system supports following services, *: This profile necessary when using, ● Do not leave your cellular phone, to a level that could damage phone.

Or using OPP, PBAP, MAP or SPP profiles individually will not be possible, ● If the connected Bluetooth® phone version is older than recommended, incompatible, this function may not be, by pressing the phone switch, call.

Can be received or ended without taking your hands off steering wheel, the microphone can be used when talking, ● The other party's voice will be heard.

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