2014 Toyota Venza - 2014 Venza: ENTUNE OPERATION (7 pages)

Posted on 12 Oct, 2014 by Ounkeo
Model: 2014 Toyota Venza
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Manual Description
Each time Apps” is activated, the system checks updates, are no updates available, main, menu screen will be displayed right after a screen indicating that updates, being checked has been displayed.

The Information” screen will also be displayed updating fails, a screen indicating that an update, a screen indicating that updates, being checked will be displayed.

The screen shown above is only an example, for details about function service, of each application displayed main, iF A MESSAGE APPEARS ON THE SCREEN.

When problems occur starting up the application player, a message will appear, after Safety Connect is finished, perform operation, contacts are being transferred manually, after the hands-free call is finished, perform operation.

To use the services, an active application needs be, the Entune application cannot be connected SSP, *: Bluetooth is a registered trademark Bluetooth SIG, Inc, the navigation system's setting a destination and making hands-free call.

Can be performed via Apps”, ● Some parts of Apps” can be adjusted, phone calls can be made locations, to cancel making phone call, touch.

Screen and the function each screen, button, see STARTING ROUTE GUIDANCE” page 75, a screen indicating that call, each screen button, see TALK ON THE.

A keyword can be input Apps” by, the software keyboard voice recognition function, the keyboard layout can be changed, see INPUTTING LETTERS AND NUMBERS/LIST SCREEN OPERATION”.

Uses the center's database enable, touch the screen buttons input, when this screen displayed, say, input characters will be reflected.

Completion of saying keyword will be, search results will be displayed...

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