2011 Toyota Tundra - Using The Storage Features (27 pages)

Posted on 7 Nov, 2014 by Spaulagain
Model: 2011 Toyota Tundra
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Manual Description
N Items that should not be left storage spaces, do not leave glasses, lighters or spray cans in the storage spaces, may cause the following when cabin temperature becomes high, l Glasses may be deformed by heat or cracked if they come into contact.

L Lighters or spray cans may explode, stored items, the lighter may catch fire or the spray can may release gas, n Items that should not be left in upper glove box, do not leave glasses or lighters box.

Injuries may result in the event of an accident sudden braking, console box (front separated type seats only), pull the knob up lift lid, the tray slides forward backward.

Folders can be hung on rails when, console box (front separated type seats), back of the front center seatback (front bench type seat), pull the lever up fold down.

Push the knob lift lid, keep the auxiliary box, console box holder closed, center console (front separated type seats), push the tab down release.

Pull the lever up lift lid, keep the auxiliary console box closed, n Caution while driving (front separated type seats only), the overhead console is useful temporarily storing sunglasses.

Push the knob forward open, do not leave the overhead console open while driving, items stored in it may fall out cause injury, n Removing the cup holder (separated type seats only).

Push the tab down release lock, pull the cup holder up remove it, n Items unsuitable cup holder, do not place anything other than cups or aluminum cans cup holders.

Other items may be thrown out of the holders in the event an accident, double Cab models with front separated type seats, double Cab models with front bench type seat, rear cup holders bottle holders.

Instrument panel (front bench type seat), n Removing the hold separator (front bench type seat only), n Items that should not be stowed bottle holders, press the knob open lid.

Front bench type seat (type A), front bench type seat (type B), front bench type seat (type C), pull the lever up raise.

Keep the storage box lids closed, injuries in the event of an accident sudden braking, n To prevent damage storage box, do not put heavy loads lids.

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