2011 Toyota Tundra - Using The Rear Audio/video System (36 pages)

Posted on 4 Nov, 2014 by Pacobud
Model: 2011 Toyota Tundra
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Manual Description
The rear seat entertainment system is designed for the rear passengers to enjoy audio and DVD video separately front audio, rear seat entertainment system remote controller, press the lock release button, pull the display down an easily.

Display up until click heard, insert the disc into slot with, the DISC indicator light turns, the player will play track.

Chapter, and will repeat it after it, turning the rear seat entertainment system power on/off, n Operating from front audio system, to OFF”, to turn off rear.

ON”, to turn rear seat, setting the rear seat entertainment system lock, the rear seat entertainment system lock remains on, even when, the engine switch turned off.

N The rear seat entertainment system can be used when, the engine switch is in the ACC ON position, n Discs that can be used, discs with the marks shown below can be used.

Playback may not be possible depending on recording format or disc features, or due to scratches, dirt deterioration, it indicates that the selected switch cannot work, indicates that the disc is dirty, damaged was, rEGION CODE ERROR”:Indicates that the DVD region code not set.

Indicates that there is problem inside, if the malfunction still exists, take vehicle, n Before using the remote controller (for new vehicle owners), remove the depleted batteries install.

N If the remote controller batteries discharged, l The rear seat entertainment system control will not function properly, l The operational range reduced, n When replacing AA batteries.

Batteries can be purchased at your Toyota dealer, electric appliance shop, replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by Toyota, dispose of used batteries according local laws, n When the remote controller batteries fully depleted.

With some headphones generally available in the market, sound quality may, please contact your Toyota dealer further details, conversational speech on some DVDs is recorded at low volume, emphasize the impact of sound effects.

That the conversations represent the maximum volume level that DVD, will play, you may be startled by louder sound effects or when you change, doing so may cause an accident, resulting in death serious injury, n When the rear seat entertainment system not used.

N To prevent accidents electric shock, do not disassemble or modify remote controller, n When the remote controller not used, injuries may result in the event of an accident sudden braking.

N Removed batteries other parts, these parts are small and if swallowed by a child they can cause choking, n For normal operation after replacing batteries, observe the following precautions prevent accidents.

L Always work with dry hands, moisture may cause battery rust, using the DVD player (DVD video).

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