2000 Toyota Tundra - Owner's Manual (282 pages)

Posted on 4 Feb, 2016 by Bjorko
Model: 2000 Toyota Tundra
File size: 2.54 MB

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Manual Description
Anti- lock brake system warning light∗1, high speed four- wheel drive indicator light∗2, low speed four- wheel drive indicator light∗2, for details, see Service reminder indicators warning.

If this light flashes, see Four- wheel drive system”, if this light flashes, see Cruise control” Chapter 1- 6, this key works every lock, since the doors can be locked without.

Key, you should always carry spare key, in case you accidentally lock your key, your key number is shown plate, keep the plate in a safe place such.

If you should lose your keys you, need additional keys, duplicates can be, made by a Toyota dealer using key, we recommend you to write down key.

Number and keep it safe place, insert the key into keyhole turn, to lock: Turn key forward, to unlock: Turn key backward.

To lock: Push knob forward, to unlock: Pull knob backward, vehicles with power door lock system—, both doors lock unlock simultaneously.

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