2014 Toyota Tacoma - Entune Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suite (15 pages)

Posted on 2 Nov, 2014 by Vlad
Model: 2014 Toyota Tacoma
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Manual Description
Limitations of Quick Reference Guide, downloading Entune App Your Phone, the Quick Reference Guide is designed to provide information on basic operation, key features of the navigation system and Entune™ (apps and data services).

Reference Guide is not intended as a substitute for the Navigation Owner's Manual, encourage you to review the Navigation Owner's Manual, the quick reference guide visit, lIMITATIONS OF THE QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE, tips for Using Voice Recognition 13.

By Address - Voice Recognition 13, dESTINATION INPUT - POINT OF INTEREST (POI), point of Interest by Name 14, point of Interest by Category 15.

Point of Interest by Category - Voice Recognition 16, audio Live Pause Tag 20, * NOTE: The position of AUDIO and HOME buttons may be different some vehicles, touch to change map display.

Touch to magnify reduce map, design are different depending vehicle, wHAT IS ENTUNE ® APP SUITE, the available Entune App Suite system is a collection popular mobile.

Applications and data services integrated with select 2014 Toyota, an Entune App Suite capable phone is required use additional, once the phone is connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth® wireless, technology, Entune's App Suite features operated using.

Vehicle's controls or, for some services, by voice recognition, app Suite includes mobile apps Bing™, iHeartRadio, MovieTickets, com, OpenTable®, Pandora®, Facebook Places Yelp, include Fuel, Sports, Stocks, Traffic Weather.

Note: You do not need an Entune App Suite capable phone use, bluetooth® hands-free, Bluetooth audio navigation system, to connect a Bluetooth Phone, refer page 3, in order to access Entune App Suite applications your vehicle's.

Touch screen, an Entune App Suite capable phone required, you must use a computer to register for Entune App Suite, download the Entune App Suite from appropriate app store, for additional information on Entune App Suite check phone.

*Be sure to obey traffic regulations and maintain awareness road traffic, services are available at all times and all locations, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies cannot be used, able to run Entune App.

From a mobile device (Entune App), from a mobile device, click "Sign Up, for Entune," or computer, click, on the Register button right hand.

Follow the easy steps complete your, dOWNLOADING ENTUNE APP SUITE TO YOUR PHONE, using your cell phone, connect to your app store (Apple App StoreSM, Google PlayTM), search Entune download, contact your mobile device provider you need assistance.

In order to view the Entune App Suite on your vehicle display, some phones may require an additional step after they, please provide all required information below, once you click "register," you will receive, an e-mail to verify your e-mail address.

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