2014 Toyota Tacoma - 2014 Tacoma: RADIO OPERATION (16 pages)

Posted on 21 Oct, 2014 by Floobie
Model: 2014 Toyota Tacoma
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Manual Description
Select AM” or FM” on the Select Audio Source” screen, select to scroll the page preset buttons, select to display option screen, select to display the Select Audio Source” screen.

Select to display sound setting screen, select to display a list receivable stations, select to store information of the audio currently being broadcast radio, select to tune preset stations/channels.

Select to display the cache radio operation buttons, select to display additional text information, select to scan receivable stations, select to turn HD Radio mode on/off.

When the HD Radio” indicator is off, the station list shows only analog broadcasts, fM radio only: Select to display RBDS text messages, turn to move up/down list, press and hold continuous seek.

Press to turn audio system on/off, press and hold restart system, ● The radio automatically changes to stereo reception when a stereo broadcast received, ● The radio automatically blends to an HD Radio signal in AM FM where available.

Radio mode has mix preset function, which can store up 36 stations (6, stations per page x 6 pages) any, a station list can be displayed.

FM radio only: Select desired program genre, select the desired station select, select OK” after setting new preset station, ● The number of preset radio stations displayed on the screen can be changed.

To change the preset station different, one, select and hold preset station, screen and the following screen will be, a radio program can be cached.

Source”: Select to change to another audio source while refreshing, cache can be played back manually, select the desired cache radio operation button, ● AM/FM sound muted during refresh.

● In some situations, it may take some, time to update station list, select and hold: Fast rewinds continuously, returns to live radio broadcast.

Select and hold: Fast forwards continuously, red bar: Shows what portion, light blue bar: Shows time which, if the radio broadcast interrupted by.

Another audio output, such an, incoming phone call, system will, fM radio only: Select desired genre, of station and select desired station.

The genre list is following order, traffic (Not available when HD Radio”, this audio system is equipped with Radio Broadcast Data Systems (RBDS), rBDS mode allows text messages.

Be received from radio stations that utilize RBDS transmitters, when RBDS is on, radio can, — only select stations particular.

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