2010 Toyota Sienna - Owner's Manual (567 pages)

Posted on 5 Feb, 2016 by Walt Jizzney
Model: 2010 Toyota Sienna
File size: 10.87 MB

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Manual Description
Adjusting and operating features such door locks, air conditioning and audio systems, as well as other interior features for comfortable driving experience, cleaning and protecting your vehicle, performing do-ityourself maintenance, maintenance information, tire, or is involved an accident.

Alphabetical listing of information contained, if a warning light turns, if you have flat tire, if the engine will not start.

If the shift lever cannot be, power back door switch ∗ P, power sliding door switches ∗ P, power quarter window switch ∗ P.

Power sliding door main switch ∗, outside rear view mirror defogger switch ∗ P, windshield wiper de-icer switch ∗ P, intuitive parking assist switch ∗ P.

*: Refer to Navigation System Owner's Manual”, power outlet VAC) ∗ P, power third seat switches ∗ P, the following keys are provided with vehicle.

When required to leave a key to the vehicle with parking attendant, lock the glove box as circumstances demand, carry the master key for your own use and leave the valet key only with, keep the plate in a safe place such as your wallet, not in vehicle.

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