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Model: 2015 Toyota RAV4
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Manual Description
The phone top screen can be used to make a phone call, operation screen, press the APPS” button select Phone”, several functions are available to operate on each screen that is displayed by selecting 4 tabs, using the Bluetooth® phone message function.

To be made and received without having to take your hands off steering, bluetooth® is wireless data system, that enables cellular phones be used, without being connected by cable.

● While driving, do not use cellular, phone or connect Bluetooth® phone, ● Before using Bluetooth® devices, users, of any electrical medical device other.

Cardiac resynchronization therapy-pacemakers implantable cardioverter, defibrillators should consult the manufacturer of device information, about its operation under influence, ● If your cellular phone does not support.

● In the following conditions, system, the cellular phone turned off, the cellular phone not connected, the cellular phone has low battery.

● When using Bluetooth® audio, hands-free at the same time, the following problems may occur, the Bluetooth® connection may be, noise may be heard Bluetooth®.

To use the hands-free system for cellular phones, it is necessary register, appears on the upper right side, ● Do not leave your cellular phone, to a level that could damage phone.

● Your audio unit fitted with Bluetooth®, the microphone used when talking, by pressing the phone switch, call, can be received or ended without taking your hands off steering wheel.

Press this switch operate voice,  Press the +” side increase volume,  Press the -” side decrease volume,  Press the enter switch execute.

 The voice command system its list,  Press the back switch to return previous screen,  The following data is stored for every registered phone, ● When a phone's registration deleted.

A lot of personal data registered, when the hands-free system used, when selling or disposing of the vehicle, initialize data,  The following data in system can be.

● Once initialized, data settings, ● The other party's voice will be heard, ● Talk alternately with other party, same time, the other party may not hear.

Other party's voice may be audible outside the vehicle voice echo may, ● The other party may not hear you clearly, driving on an unpaved road, the air conditioning vents pointed.

There is a negative effect sound, quality due to the phone and/or network being used, after a Bluetooth® phone has been.

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