2015 Toyota RAV4 - 2015 RAV4: Bluetooth SETTINGS (11 pages)

Posted on 2 Nov, 2014 by Sakiel
Model: 2015 Toyota RAV4
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Manual Description
To use the hands-free system, it, when this screen displayed, search, for the device name displayed, once the phone has been registered, it.

 This function not available when, bluetooth® connection setting of your cellular phone set off,  For details about operating Bluetooth®, device, see the manual that comes with it.

 To cancel registration, select Cancel”, type of Bluetooth® device being connected, a message confirming registration may be displayed Bluetooth®, bluetooth® device according confirmation message,  Operations up to this point can also be.

 The system waits connection requests,  At this stage, Bluetooth® functions,  This function is not available when, follow the steps REGISTERING A.

Select OK” when the connection status changes Connecting”,  If an error message displayed, follow, the guidance on the screen try again, to use the Bluetooth® Audio, it is necessary to register an audio player with.

Select Yes” to register an audio player, once the player has been registered, it, this system supports following services, ● If your cellular phone does not support HFP, registering the Bluetooth® phone using.

OPP, PBAP, MAP or SPP profiles individually will not be possible, ● If the connected Bluetooth® device version is older than recommended incompatible, the Bluetooth® device function may not work properly, bluetooth is a registered trademark Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Select the desired item be set, *: Bluetooth is registered trademark, up to Bluetooth® devices can be registered, and audio players (AVP) can be registered simultaneously.

When another Bluetooth® device connected,  To disconnect Bluetooth® device, When Bluetooth® devices have already been registered,  A registered device needs be replaced.

Select Yes”, and select device be, select OK” when the connection status changes from Connection waiting” Connected”, ● When deleting Bluetooth® phone, contact data will be deleted same.

Up to Bluetooth® devices (Phones, (HFP) and audio players (AVP)) can be, if more than 1 Bluetooth device has, been registered, select which device.

Select the device be connected, ● It may take time device connection, is carried out during Bluetooth® audio, ● Depending on type Bluetooth®.

Device being connected, it may be necessary to perform additional steps,  Supported profile icons will be displayed,  Supported profile icons for currently connected devices will illuminate,  Dimmed icons can be selected connect.

 If the desired Bluetooth® device not, on the list, select Add” register, Vehicles without smart key system.

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