2008 Toyota RAV4 - 2008-2013 Toyota, 2008-2014 Sienna Hands Free BLU Logic Owner's Manual (Tri-Lingual) (42 pages)

Posted on 2 Nov, 2014 by Inimrepus
Model: 2008 Toyota RAV4
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Manual Description
Automatic Switch between Music & calls10, changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible compliance could void, the user's authority operate equipment, this equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth uncontrolled equipment.

And meets the FCC radio frequency (RF) Exposure Guidelines in Supplement Cto OET65, equipment has very low levels of RF energy that it deemed to comply without maximum permission, cm and more between the radiator and person's body (excluding extremities: hands, wrists, feet, this transmitter must be not co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna.

Responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner, surveillance of all pertinent driving conditions at all times, damage of property, personal injury, or death could occur if the operator of vehicle fails, pay attention to travel conditions and vehicle operation while the vehicle motion.

Device use limits vary by state, province or locality, dO NOT program, attempt to program, adjust, or set up your BLU Logic unit while, dO NOT program, attempt to program, adjust, or set up you BLU Logic unit while vehicle, is inside and engine on.

Failure to follow the precautions could result in property damage, serious injury, death, of yourself, pets or other people near the vehicle from carbon monoxide (for example, vehicle's engine is running in a garage with the garage door closed), physical impact, (if the vehicle should slip out of park and into gear with engine running).

BLU Logic is hands-free phone system, to any hand held cell phone device, equipped with Bluetooth® Wireless technology hands free profile eliminates, the need to hold handheld cell phone.

Wear a headset, earpiece, an vehicle, phone must be paired electronically, matched to the BLU Logic unit, simply place your phone anywhere.

To the BLU Logic unit every time it, on, charged, within range (30ft/10, the system can pair up 7 hand-sets, for a list compatible phones please.

Either volume button 8 seconds, pairing your phone simple, just, board no more than 3 feet/1 meter apart, short beeps (this puts system into.

Hands-free accessing function by referring to your mobile hand-set user guide, for most phones, pairing operation, depending on the features your particular phone, able to make and receive calls through.

And press OK” to pair kit, you may hear a long beep, hand-sets a headset icon will be shown, has been enabled set Without.

Please refer your hand-set's user, please refer to your hand-set user manual for assistance various phones, hands-free feature is activated and enabled, within a maximum 3 feet/1 meter.

Of your mobile hand-set there, are no obstructions between such, as other electronic devices (this may, reference back to pairing once.

Your problem, power off vehicle, my hand-set is paired with kit, however, when I start car, it.

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