1998 Toyota RAV4 - Electrical Components (12 pages)

Posted on 29 Oct, 2014 by Independent
Model: 1998 Toyota RAV4
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Manual Description
D If electrolyte gets your skin, you feel pain or burning, get medical attention immediately, d Avoid contact with eyes, skin, d Wear protective safety glasses when.

D Keep children away battery, d If electrolyte gets your eyes, flush your eyes with clean water, or cloth while en route medical office.

D If electrolyte gets your clothes, your skin, so immediatethe exposed clothing, z Be sure the engine and all accessories are off before performing maintenance, z When checking battery, remove.

Terminal (”- ” mark) first reinstall it last, z Take care no solution gets into, check the battery corroded loose, with a solution of warm water baking.

With grease prevent further corrosion, tighten their clamp nuts—but do not overtighten, enough to keep the battery firmly place, during recharging, the battery producing hydrogen gas.

On the vehicle, be sure disconnect, charger cables to battery when, d Always charge the battery in an unconfined area, battery in a garage closed room.

Where there not sufficient ventilation, see ”Fuse locations” in Chapter 7- 1, d Only do a slow charge (5A less), charging at a quicker rate is dangerous.

Turn the ignition switch inoperative, if the headlights other electrical, components do not work, check, determine which fuse may be causing.

The name of the circuit each fuse, part of this manual functions, type A fuses can be pulled out by using, blown, try replacing suspected fuse.

With one that you know good, if the fuse has blown, push new fuse, only install a fuse with the amperage rating designated on fuse box lid, emergency you can pull out ”CIG”.

”DOME” or ”A/C” fuse, which may be dispensable for normal driving, use it, is lower than that specified, fuse, might blow out again but does not, the correct fuse as soon possible.

Return the substitute its original clip, it is a good idea to purchase set, spare fuses and keep them in your vehicle emergencies, if the new fuse immediately blows out.

There is a problem with the electrical system, never use a fuse with a higher amperage rating, or any other object, check the washer fluid level in the reservoir with the dipstick, fluid level is low, reinsert dipstick.

Securely and add washer fluid through, you may use plain water washer fluid, however, in cold areas where temperatures range below freezing point, use.

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