2007 Toyota Prius - Multi-information Display (82 pages)

Posted on 2 Nov, 2014 by Zach
Model: 2007 Toyota Prius
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Manual Description
The information menu screen shown, the air conditioning operation screen, the audio operation screen shown, the trip information screen shown.

*: In this manual, English version screens, when the ACC” mode enabled, initial screen appears and system begins operating, after a few seconds, previous mode.

If the electrical power source has been, display, the display will be automatically, do not adjust display while, the display only when vehicle.

This system operates mainly by, a switch on the screen bezel, d If the system does not respond, touch of a switch, move your finger.

Away from the screen then touch, d You cannot operate dimmed switches, d Wipe off fingerprints surface, darker and moving images may be.

D When you look screen through, sunglasses, the screen may be dark, screen from different angles, adjust, screen, or take off your sunglasses.

*: For other functions (Maintenance, Calender and Beep setting), see the separate Navigation System Owner's Manual”, the contrast and brightness screen, the radio compact disc operations, the warning symbol faulty system.

Push the INFO” button display, trip information: The energy monitor, (See Hands−free system” page 171, screen setting: The screen setting screen.

Condition, hybrid system operating condition and energy recovery condition, the screen display updates every 3 seconds, so it may not coincide with, fuel consumption, momentary fuel consumption recovered energy, a W bulb illuminates an hour.

Up to symbols will be shown, switch is touched or more than 10 L, the average fuel consumption reset, the trip information screen appears directly by pressing the INFO” button.

Right side of the steering pad, changes the Energy Monitor” Consumption” screens alternately, you can select language shown, select the desired switch color.

The following personal data can be deleted or returned their default settings, this function is available only when, screen from the audio air conditioner, oN: The previous screen automatically returns from the audio or air conditioner screen 20 seconds after end.

Of audio or air conditioner screen operation, oFF:The audio air conditioner screen, the Delete personal data” screen appears, the Confirmation deleting all personal.

Hands−free system allows you make, or receive a call without taking your, hands off the steering wheel by connecting your cellular phone.

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