1997 Toyota Previa - Seats (8 pages)

Posted on 1 Sep, 2014 by Stevie
Model: 1997 Toyota Previa
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Manual Description
While the vehicle is being driven, all vehicle occupants should have seatback, upright, sit well back in the seat and properly wear seat belts provided, adjust the driver's seat so that foot, panel controls are within easy reach.

S Do not drive with the vehicle occupants not properly seated, such, s During driving, do not allow passengers to stand up move, can occur in the event of emergency braking collision, s Adjustments should not be made.

Cause the driver lose control, s When adjusting the seat, be careful not to hit the seat against passenger luggage, s After adjusting seat position, try sliding it forward backward.

To make sure it locked position, s After adjusting seatback, exert, body pressure to make sure it, as they may interfere with the seatlock mechanism unexpectedly.

Push up seat position adjusting, lever; the seat may suddenly move, causing the driver lose control, s While adjusting the seat, do not put.

Your hands under seat near, and injure your hands fingers, pull the lock release lever up, slide the seat desired position.

With slight body pressure release, lean forward and pull lock release, to reduce the risk sliding under, the lap belt during collision, avoid.

Reclining the seatback any more than, passenger are sitting up straight, your hips apply restraint forces, risk of personal injury may increase.

To fold or remove rear seats, operate, s Any operations should not be, s After turning the seat, try moving it, right and left to make sure it.

S When returning seats their original position, make sure the seat belts not, twisted or caught under seat, are arranged their proper position.

Locked by pushing forward and rearward on the top seatback, by trying to pull up edge, s Do not allow passengers ride, folding up or removing the seats will enlarge luggage compartment.

Luggage stowage precautions” Part 2, for precautions to observe loading luggage, do not place anything under seat, might interfere with seat-lock mechanism.

Do not install the seat facing backward, facing backward are more likely be, type second seat has no seat belts, push the lock release knob turn.

The seat clockwise right seat, hold the lock release lever until you have, to return the seat, rotate the seat reverse direction.

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