2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Hybrid system (12 pages)

Posted on 8 Sep, 2014 by Jay
Model: 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
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Manual Description
Your vehicle is a hybrid vehicle, the hybrid system combines a gasoline engine an electric, motor (traction motor) according driving conditions, improving, fuel efficiency reducing exhaust emissions.

The gasoline engine stops when the vehicle stopped, start-off, the electric motor (traction motor) drives vehicle, slow speeds or when traveling down a gentle slope, engine, is stopped and motor used.

The gasoline engine is predominantly used, (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery necessary, the power of the hybrid battery (traction battery) added via, electric motor (traction motor) to that gasoline engine.

The electric motor (traction motor) charges hybrid battery, the motor generator converts kinetic energy electric energy when, ● The accelerator pedal released, ● The brake pedal is depressed with the shift lever D R.

Conditions in which the gasoline engine may not stop, the gasoline engine starts and stops automatically, ● During hybrid battery (traction battery) charging, ● During low or high hybrid battery (traction battery) temperature.

● When the heater switched, charging the hybrid battery (traction battery), ● As the gasoline engine charges the hybrid battery (traction battery), battery does not need to be charged from an outside source.

The vehicle is left parked for a long time the hybrid battery will slowly discharge, several months for at least 30 minutes or 10 miles (16 km), battery becomes fully discharged and you are unable jump-start, vehicle with the 12-volt battery, contact your Toyota dealer.

● If the shift lever is in N, the hybrid battery (traction battery) will not be, lever in D to avoid discharging battery, ● To help prevent the 12-volt battery from becoming discharged, drive, vehicle at least once a month, and operate accessories only when.

Doors is closed and all lights turned off, after the 12-volt battery has discharged or has been changed, the gasoline engine may not stop even if the vehicle is running hybrid, sounds and vibrations specific hybrid vehicle.

There may be no engine sounds or vibration even though vehicle able, the following sounds or vibrations may occur when hybrid system, ● Motor sounds may be heard engine compartment, ● Sounds may be heard from the hybrid battery (traction battery) under.

Rear seat when the hybrid system starts stops, ● Sounds from the hybrid system may be heard when back door, ● Sounds may be heard from the hybrid transmission when engine, started or stopped, or while engine idling.

● Engine sounds may be heard when accelerating sharply, ● Sounds may be heard due to regenerative braking when brake pedal, ● Vibration may be felt when the gasoline engine starts stops, ● Cooling fan sounds may be heard from the air intake vents under rear.

Contact your Toyota dealer regarding maintenance, repair, recycling, take care when handling the hybrid system, as it contains a high voltage system (about 650 V at maximum) as well parts that become, extremely hot when the hybrid system is operating, there are air intake vents under.

If the vents become blocked, the emergency shut off system blocks off high voltage current, and stops the fuel pump to minimize the risk electrocution fuel.

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