2017 Toyota Highlander - Navigation Manual (392 pages)

Posted on 9 Nov, 2016 by Bjorko
Model: 2017 Toyota Highlander
File size: 7.15 MB

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Manual Description
Objects which are close to either corner of the bumper or under the bumper cannot be seen on the screen. Strongly rubbing the camera lens may cause the camera lens to be scratched and unable to transmit a clear image. Check outside of the estimated course lines the safety of the surroundings directly.

Radio waves could have appears on the upper right side of the unexpected effects on the operation of such medical devices. Changing between cellular phone call and hands-free call can be performed by operating the cellular phone directly. Transferring methods and operations will be different depending on the type of cellular phone you have.

A phone number with continuous tone signals can be registered in the contact list. The route guidance to the destination may not be the shortest route or a route without traffic congestion. Route guidance may not be available if there is no road data for the specified location.

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