2014 Toyota Corolla - 2014 Corolla: MEDIA OPERATION (19 pages)

Posted on 5 Nov, 2014 by Kilian
Model: 2014 Toyota Corolla
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Manual Description
Select CD” to display audio control screen, select to display track/file list, select to display the audio source selection screen, select to display sound setting screen.

Audio CD: Select to display track list, disc: Select to display folder list, turn to move up/down list, press and hold fast forward/rewind.

Press to select audio mode, press to turn audio system on/off, press and hold to restart audio system, ● If a disc contains CD-DA files and MP3/WMA/AAC files, only the CD-DA files can be.

● If a CD-TEXT disc is inserted, the title of the disc and track will be displayed, ● If the disc contains no CD-TEXT, only the track number would be displayed, the track currently being listened, select the repeat button change on.

The file currently being listened can, select the random button change, files can be automatically randomly selected, tracks can be automatically randomly selected.

Select USB” to display audio control screen, select to display the play mode selection screen, ● Do not leave your portable player in the car, vehicle may damage portable player.

● Do not push down on or apply unnecessary pressure to the portable player while it is connected as this may damage the portable player its terminal, ● Do not insert foreign objects into the port as this may damage the portable player its, ● If tag information exists, the file/folder names will be changed track/album names, select iPod” to display audio control screen.

When the iPod connected to the system includes iPod video, system can only, output the sound by selecting browse screen, select to display track list, ● The system can only output sound while driving.

● When an iPod is connected using a genuine iPod cable, the iPod starts charging its battery, ● Depending on the iPod, the video sound may not be able be heard, ● Depending on the iPod and the songs in the iPod, iPod cover art may be displayed, function can be changed to on/off.

● When an iPod is connected and the audio source is changed to iPod mode, iPod will, resume playing from the same point it was last used, ● Depending on the iPod that is connected to the system, certain functions may not be, ● If a Entune application (→P.

Came with the cellular phone turning it on/off, select the shuffle button change on, to change to iPod video mode, select, browse” on iPod audio screen.

Then select the Videos” tab and select desired video file, the system can only output iPod, the Bluetooth® audio system enables users to enjoy listening music that, played on a portable player on the vehicle speakers via wireless communication.

This audio system supports Bluetooth®, a wireless data system capable playing, the Bluetooth® audio system will not function, depending on the type of portable player connected, some functions may not be, available and/or the screen may look differently than shown manual.

Audio” to display audio control screen, select to display sound settings screen, select to display the portable device connection screen.

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