2009 Toyota Corolla - 2008-2010 All Models Interface Kit For iPOD Owner's Manual (16 pages)

Posted on 7 Nov, 2014 by Uscmafia
Model: 2009 Toyota Corolla
File size: 1.62 MB

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Manual Description
This device complies with Part 15 FCC Rules, operation is subject to following two conditions, this device may not cause harmful interference, this device must accept any interference received, including.

Interference that may cause undesired operation, for safety reasons, this manual indicates items requiring particular, this is a warning against anything which may cause damage, the vehicle or its equipment if the warning ignored.

Informed about what you must or must not do order avoid, or reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle its, handling the cord on this product cords associated with, accessories sold with the product will expose you lead.

Chemical known to the State of California and other governmental entities to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, after using, be careful when removing attaching radio, the Interface Kit allows you to play music an iPod®, manual ensures that you will get the most out your audio.

With your iPod using the Interface Kit, labeling will differ depending upon your vehicle's make, for new iPods, follow the iPod instructions loading songs, into it before connecting to the radio.

NOTE: With the Interface Kit installed, satellite radio use, apple and iPod are registered trademarks Apple Inc, the Interface Kit includes cable located your vehicle's, only the latest versions are fully supported.

Listed, is not supported by the Interface Kit, iPod is compatible, see following list, the Resume Play” feature allows the iPod to play the current musical selection (Play queue) when connecting, when the iPod is properly connected interface.

IPod Synchronized: On establishing connection with, the iPod, an accessory attached” symbol will appear, select songs in the play queue and continue to play repeatedly until another selection made, the user can make media selections from iPod.

Preselected list of categories (Playlist, Artist, Album, Genre, the interface utilizes the same text fields provided, to the SAT channel number, artist name song title respectively, all of these displays are subject to change.

Hello iPod” is shown radio's display, radio controlled: The iPod can only be operated using your vehicle's SAT system controls, charging iPod: The vehicle charges iPod battery, when the ignition switch is in the ON ACC position.

IPod battery is discharged: If the iPod fully, discharged state, it may not be playable short, when the iPod is disconnected interface, no iPod” is shown radio's display.

The radio remains SAT mode, nOTE: It is highly recommended to turn the vehicle's ignition switch (or radio's power) OFF before disconnecting, under the following conditions, iPod begins playback,  he ignition switch is in ACC or IGN position.

 econnect the iPod (whether in Play, Pause, Stop, sleep condition) with ACC ON SAT mode, under the following conditions, iPod playback stops, may need to make a new selection begin playback.

 he radio system is turned off or ACC IGN turned, the interface begins playback with the last song played,  he iPod was disconnected interface cable.

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