2005 Toyota Corolla - 2005-2008 Corolla/Matrix TVIP V5 RS3200 PLUS Owner's Guide (15 pages)

Posted on 14 Sep, 2014 by Cheeto
Model: 2005 Toyota Corolla
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Manual Description
DESIGNED FOR USE WITH YOUR VEHICLE'S, to better understand the features and functions of this security system, please read Owner's, aRMING THE PLUS (except PASSIVE ARMING), dISARMING THE PLUS (except PASSIVE DISARMING).

PASSIVE (AUTOMATIC) ARMING AND ENTRY DELAY, (Not applicable to Highlander and Sienna, congratulations on your choice of the RS3200 PLUS add-on security system protect your vehicle, to get the most from the system, we strongly recommend that you read this Owner's Guide completely to learn all of its features functions.

The PLUS provides security through point-of-entry monitoring, glass breakage detection, door, trunk or hatch is forcibly unlocked or opened*, or when a window is tapped broken, during the ALARM, the vehicle's horn sounds and the headlights, tail lights and front marker turn, comprehensive protection, the RS3200 PLUS works in conjunction with your vehicle's remote keyless entry system, enabling you to ARM and DISARM the security system at the same time doors.

Listens” for noise made by, an important note about your system, throughout this guide, there are references to the STATUS MONITOR system, below, this panel holds the LED indicator (for the system's operating status) GLASS.

A LED already installed, so the RS3200 PLUS utilizes the vehicle's engine immobilizer system LED➂, instead and a microphone mounted in a separate location, remember to look at that LED when the information refers to the STATUS MONITOR, know where the LED is located, refer to your vehicle's owner's guide specific information.

* When the system is PASSIVELY (AUTOMATICALLY) ARMED, there is an ENTRY DELAY that will elapse, when a door is opened before an ALARM TRIGGERED, the PLUS will ARM 30 seconds after the lock button remote, keyless entry system's remote control is pressed, DISARM when.

When the lock and unlock buttons on the remote controls pressed, buzzer will also chirp when the system is REMOTE ARMED DISARMED, the PLUS will automatically REARM at same time, vehicle's remote keyless entry system relocks vehicle's.

Doors, if no door is opened within 30 seconds after REMOTE DISARMING, the PLUS will ARM 30 seconds after you close trunk (if, open) and lock the vehicle's doors with the key, will DISARM when, you unlock a door with key.

While ARMED, the trunk may be opened with the key (or trunk release button, on your remote control, if so equipped) without TRIGGERING an ALARM, the open trunk is closed, system ARMS again, the PLUS may be programmed automatically ARM 30.

Seconds after the ignition key is removed, the vehicle exited, last door and the trunk closed, without the necessity locking doors, the PLUS may be DISARMED with vehicle's ignition key, when the PLUS has been PASSIVELY ARMED, an ENTRY DELAY.

Opened before an ALARM TRIGGERED, when you lock the vehicle with the central lock switch (while door, is open), the RS3200 PLUS will ARM 30 seconds after you close all, the doors and trunk (if open).

The PLUS may be DISARMED by inserting key into, ignition switch and turning it ON, forcibly unlocking or opening a door or trunk while RS3200 PLUS, is ARMED will TRIGGER an ALARM immediately.

ARMED, the ENTRY DELAY must pass after opening a door before ALARM, the PLUS utilizes a microphone (usually mounted, sTATUS MONITOR) to sense the noise from tapping window glass, glass breaking, and TRIGGER the system to sound an ALARM.

Tuned to listen” for this type of noise, ignore other sounds, when the GLASS BREAKAGE SENSOR'S microphone picks up tapping, breaking of window glass, it TRIGGERS a WARN AWAY ALARM; headlights.

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