2003 Toyota Corolla - Ignition Switch, Transmission And Parking Brake (12 pages)

Posted on 1 Sep, 2014 by Tamafurbyn
Model: 2003 Toyota Corolla
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Manual Description
Ignition switch, Transmission Parking brake, ignition switch with steering lock 92, you must push in the key turn key, from ACC” to LOCK” position.

The selector lever must be put P”, when starting the engine, key may, seem stuck at LOCK” position, free it, first be sure the key pushed all.

Wheel slightly while turning key gently, will return to ON” position when, for starting tips, see page 157 Section, this is normal driving position.

Never remove the key when the vehicle is moving, as will lock, steering wheel and result loss, door, a buzzer will remind you remove, position if the engine not running.

Your automatic transmission has shift, lock system to minimize possibility, only shift out of P” position when, brake pedal is depressed (with ignition.

Switch in ON” position and the lock release button depressed), p: Parking, engine starting key, d: Normal driving (with overdrive on), (The ignition switch must be.

Cruise control is being used, even you, downshift the transmission by pushing, braking will not be enabled because, never put your foot on the accelerator pedal while shifting.

For ways to decrease vehicle speed, see Cruise control” on page 99, you can select either third gear (with, overdrive off) or fourth gear (with overdrive on) by pushing switch.

To turn the overdrive off, push switch, the O/D OFF” indicator light should come, always drive your vehicle with the overdrive on for better fuel economy, if the engine is turned off when the overdrive is off restarted, overdrive.

To start the engine” page 158, to use engine braking, you can downshift, pedal, shift the selector lever D”, when the lever is in D” position.

The most suitable gear for running conditions such as normal cruising, hill climbing, hard towing, etc, always turn the overdrive better, transmission will not shift into overdrive, gear even with overdrive on.

OFF” indicator light will come, the transmission will downshift third, d Shift into the 2” position, mission will downshift second gear.

When the vehicle speed drops down, or lower than 105 km/h (65 mph), stronger engine braking will be enabled, d Shift into the L” position.

Mission will downshift first gear, or lower than 49 km/h (30 mph), maximum engine braking will be enabled.

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