2002 Toyota Corolla - Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Introduction (8 pages)

Posted on 5 Nov, 2014 by Ralphjoeylauren
Model: 2002 Toyota Corolla
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Manual Description
If you perform maintenance by yourself, be sure to follow correct procedure, you should be aware that improper or incomplete servicing may result operating, during the warranty period may affect your.

D When the engine running, keep, from the moving fan engine, and spark plugs may also be hot, this section gives instructions only.

Those items that are relatively easy an, there are still a number items that, must be done by qualified technician, for information on tools parts do–.

Low open flames around fuel, should be taken when workvehicle prevent accidental, the radiator cap loosen drain, d Do not smoke, cause sparks or alD Do not get under your vehicle with.

Just the body jack supporting it, d Be sure that the ignition off, you work near electric cooling, ignition on, electric cooling fans.

And/or the air conditioning on, d Use eye protection whenever you, work on under your vehicle, where you may be exposed flying.

Or falling material, fluid spray, etc, d Used engine oil contains potentially, cause skin disorders such as inflammation or skin cancer, so care, should be taken avoid prolonged.

D Do not leave used oil within, d Dispose of used oil filter only, in a safe acceptable manner, do not dispose of used oil and filter in household trash, sewers.

D Be extremely cautious when working on the battery, known to the State California, z Do not reuse iridium–tipped spark, z Do not overfill automatic transmission fluid, transmission.

Z Do not drive with air cleaner, could cause a fire engine, z Remember that battery ignition, cables carry high currents or voltages.

Z When closing engine hood, check to see that you have not forgotten any tools, rags, etc, z Add only demineralized distilled, spill some of coolant, be sure.

To wash off with water prevent it, z Do not allow dirt anything else, to fall through spark plugholes, z Use only spark plugs of the specified type.

Cause engine damage, loss of performance radio noise, when jacking up your vehicle with, d Never get under vehicle when, when jacking, be sure observe.

D When raising vehicle, do not, the vehicle is supported by jack, under the vehicle supported by.

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